Monday, January 14, 2019

Keep Your Pants On ! !

Recently I was told (by a loved one) Just keep your pants on!!! It was about buying some boots that had dragonflies and owls painted on them. Really, I want to be a Hippie and maybe those would do it, right? LOL So, getting the laughing part out of the way,,,,

WHAT WAS I THINKING??? When I agreed, no, actually, I VOLUNTEERED, not even asked directly, just saw that the position needed filling.... Block of the Month Coordinator for 2019 for the Cobblestone Quilt Guild. Last Monday I met with the President. We discussed doing it in a ‘virtual method’. In the past they would cut kits, print out directions, and after signing up and paying in advance, each month you rec’d your block. That’s a lot of work if you have to write directions, or request copyright ok’s. As we chatted, it was decided, we’ll send out a link to a ‘block on the web’, give color suggestions, and encourage the use of one’s own stash of fabric. I’ve gotten this underway and here is January and February blocks. 12” finished is what we are going for. My January is shy by 1/16th of an inch and February got the same amount trimmed. Scant 1/4” isn’t my best friend,, Lots of laughter going on in my sewing room.



I’ll keep you posted as this progresses. If any of you want to follow along, let me know. I can always include the link to the directions if you need them.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Community Outreach Quilts

These are the 5 quilt sets I quilted on my longarm machine this week and returned to the Coordinator for Cobblestone Quilters Community Outreach Project. The second picture is of the back sides. I always fold them like this for transporting to keep the tops clean. The rest of the pictures I included are snaps of each quilt while it was on the longarm machine. I’ve gone over 7,500,000 lifetime stitches on my longarm.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Don’t Forget These!

I forgot the next picture, it’s of 5 quilt tops, backings, and battings that were dropped off for Royal Family Kids Camp. I think I’ll be doing quite a few for this summer's campers. They said they'll need about 50 this year. Hopefully next year, people will make their tops, etc and get them to me starting in September. But,,, people get busy, and time slips away, so I’ll just do my best and pray that God has some helpers in the wings for me.


A Challenge Post

A little about me before my CHALLENGE POST:

I was born on March 5, 1950. According to google it was a Sunday. Probably snowing in Antigo, Wisconsin. I was welcomed by my Mom (Kathryn Ann Hunter Theilman) and Dad (Louise Walter Theilman). That is how I got my ‘real world’ name of Luann. My sister (2 1/2years older) got 2 middle names so when I came along my parents blessed me by not giving me one at all. The state of Wisconsin did however, on my birth certificate divide my name into Lu Ann. It’s not on anything else like that so for me it was Annie, until I started working and then it was Luann. AnnieLu was given to me by a friend when I had a website that supplied answers to sewing questions for others. The catch phrase was,,, AnnieLu will find that for you. STAY TUNED To be continued next month

Now for my first CHALLENGE POST of 2019:

One of my grandsons is turning 16 on January 20th. Last fall when I visited with the family, I chatted with his mom about making him a more adult like quilt than I’d made him in the past. Actually looking at the pictures of those other quilts, I never made this child a ‘kiddy’ quilt, but I wanted to express my gratitude for having him as a grandchild, and I’ve decided that each child would get a ‘specially’ made for them quilt upon turning 16. Heather said, Oh my, I’ve been seeing these bookcase quilts. And this kid is always reading. So,,, here’s what I’ve done so far, 2 rows in process. And I have 3 piles of ‘book sets’ to make the other 3 rows. I do have a plan, but when you’re making up the pattern, things have to be adjusted sometimes. LOL Most of the time ! !



I watched Gudrun from GEDesign Studios do a Stella Quilt. I knew that I wanted to use a layer cake of Christmas fabric so within less than 1 hour I had everything cut for the blocks for my Stella. All blocks have the 4 units made, and they sew together quickly.




Coconut Macaroons for you to enjoy.


Some eye candy of another type:


To be continued next month,,,

Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Recap

Here’s how 2018 finished out:

UFOs : started with 50, finished with 45. ( 35 prior 2018 plus 10 from 2018)

Lifetime stitches on longarm machine: 7,441,409 as of 12/21/18 Denim Centers being last one added

2018 stitches: 1,389,887

12 Quilts LA’d for Guild Charity Projects 

18 Books were enjoyed

Gifted 19 completed projects

Presently have 4 finished quilts waiting for proper homes

Lessons learned:

Having a daily accountability method is paramount to my progress 

Intentional reviewing and reflection helps with direction

Walking away from ‘drama’ and ‘negativity’ is most often the best diffuser 

Final Take Away:

Count your blessings
Name them  one by one
Count your many blessings
See what God has done.

If I were to count my blessings instead of sheep, I would always have restoring sleep. 

May God bless each of you also

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Grrrrr ! ! !

I want to say thank you to everyone that has ever left a comment. I really appreciate them.

So, why the Grrr ! ! ! ? You asked a good question.

Earlier today I received a text message from a friend that reads my blog. She let me know she had left a message but it didn’t show up. This is because I have ‘moderation’ enabled. I had received some very inappropriate comments awhile back and wanted to make sure that none of my followers would be seeing that sort of ‘talk’, ???  Well, as I was checking my emails (which is how I am supposed to be notified of any and all comments) I didn’t have any current ones. I decided to just go check for myself. This is where the GRRRR came into being. Not only was today’s comment sitting there, so were several from a few months ago. I had no idea that these had been made. I was never notified, and because I haven’t been blogging much lately, I just figured other folks were pretty busy too.

Then after I published those I could find from ‘real people’ and tossed the others into ‘spam’, I decided to check what got published. According to my side of this blog, only one comment from Terry got lost in space, but I’m not sure how things will show up on your side of things. Please, let me know if you are still getting the posts delivered to your inbox. For some reason, Blogger won’t send me copies of my own posts. I have gotten to the point that I have the hubby forward them when he gets the email.

Technology can be a real pain when it doesn’t go as planned, but when it works ‘as planned’ it’s a great way to share with so many others.

Let’s Create