Saturday, May 8, 2021

New Laptop - New Learning Curve

It's hard to believe that I finally gave up trying to hang on to my old laptop. I loved Windows7, and I knew how to navigate through the maze of buttons and links. Now, I'm into a new laptop and the learning curve will continue. I've managed to figure out how to access my emails, but all the other activities that I'm involved in will wait until tomorrow. This is just a post to see if I can get anything to work as my brain thinks it should. I know already that auto correct isn't working, that may be beneficial. And now for putting a picture here and maybe one at the top of this post....

Sunday, May 2, 2021

April Activities Review

This is a 3”x3” little book with the binding done in a covered tape method. 


The garden is coming along nicely. George takes care of everything it needs. 

I finished creating an elephant quilt for one of my grandsons. 

These are two organizer boxes I created using the Cartonnage method I learned recently. 

Here’s another envelope journal I put together for a neighbor. 

I’m learning how to embellish some of the paint poured pieces with 3D work. 
I’ve also been investing some time in learning how to paint with water colors. 

Bubbles are definitely giving me a challenge, lol. 

And I have a few recently poured pieces to embellish, once they cure. 

These blocks have been joined and are now waiting for backing to be stitched before the longarm quilting  can be done. 

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

March Final & 1st Quarter Review


This panel was a challenge for me, but  I prevailed and figured all things out! 

I added wide borders of the panda print and the leaf print, after making the first borders fit the panel. Something just didn’t look right. Heather helped by letting me know that Myriah is not fond of green. So, off came the green strips. That’s when it became obvious to me that the panda print borders were too wide! Yep, off they came. I worked at figuring out my next move.  I created another red/black border strip with black sashings before and after. Next, I quilted it up with a black thread on the back, and variegated red on the front. The binding is black with deep grey print and stitched to the back, wrapped to the front and top stitched with the same red variegated thread used in the needle while quilting. The backing is creamy with black calligraphy of Kanji, one of the official languages of Japan. 

The backing fabric.

I decided to work on an envelope ephemera-holding journal. I coffee dyed envelopes and carefully opened them up while wet. That’s when the glue would let go. I tore and tossed more than I kept, but I ended up with 18 total. I only used some of them in this booklet. I added a button to both the front cover and the back to serve as a closure. A length of waxed linen thread, double and wound up until it curled back onto itself wraps neatly around the front button and is attached to the back cover button. I stitched the signatures and covers  together with long stitch. I glued the envelope flaps back together and once they are filled with goodies I can use a large paper clip to secure things inside if needed. I do believe the button and thread closure will work well. This will most likely sit on its spine while I pull things from the envelopes. The next one will have the envelopes top edge at the top edge of the book, not the right hand side. 

I’m not sure if this tracing on interfacing will show, but I’m hoping. 

This is how far I’ve gotten with creating a scrappy applique elephant. I hope to finish this by May 1st.

Review Time - First Quarter 2021

We’ve said goodbye to three dear people since the first of January: Nancy Sharpia, Joann Fischer, and Cynthia Hunter. This is never easy but they each knew Jesus as their Savior so there’s a peace about it too. Our visits with family and friends give us comfort through this difficult time. Thanks to all the love and support we are healing from the loss. 

My reading time has been invested in the following areas:
Daily Power by Craig Groeschel
Guideposts Daily Walk With God various writers 
Wisdom From Women of The Bible by Edith Deen
Essentialism by Greg McKeown
Atomic Habits by James Clear
Holy Spirit Bible Study with Ann Graham Lotz
Holy Week Bible Study with Laurie McClure

Next to eating the wonderful culinary delights created by George, visiting our favorite palette tempting eateries is a delight. George is more apt to try whatever is new on the menu while I request something that I’ve already got a hankerin for. Three months, 12+ locations, some more than once,,, I’m spoiled! 3 Little Birds, Kiko's Asian Fusion, Eggs Up Grill, Charleston Bakery & Deli, Magnolia Bakery Cafe, Middleton Place Kitchen, 123 Sweetwater, Sea Biscuit, Acme Restaurant and Grill, Chestnut Grill, Mi Fiesta, Baker’s BBQ, and Miki's Restaurant and Grill. 

I used my longarm quilting machine to get 5 quilt sets finished for Cobblestone Quilters Guild Outreach Program, 1 for Quilts of Valor, and 7 of my making. They are completed with everything except a label! Maybe someday I’ll get that on my agenda,,,lol. Nik and Myriah will get their quilts sent or we'll deliver them while on our spring vacation. Jonathon's was taken to him when Russ came through our area on his way Florida. That leaves 4 that will be blessings to whomever God sends my way. 

I also sorted through 15 bags of fabrics that were given to me for charitable work. I’ve decided that I’ll leave that work up to younger people with stronger arms for hauling those heavy bags. 

When Russ passed through he also took 2 more pictures to Brian and Melinda (they now have 8 in their collection). I’m very low on pictures right now. I found so much enjoyment in giving them to delivery people. I even gave some to my mail carriers, and the garbage pickup lady who's truck broke down. They are important and I wanted them to know how much I appreciate what they do. I have poured 23 so far this year. 

Creative Adventures were a huge part of these past 3 months. Things like Brazilian Cartonnage (fabric covered box making), Book Making, Scrappy Applique (just starting this), and 4 pair of leggings kept things moving. Mission Inspiration monthly and mid month mini have given me a new avenue to venture down. And one of the more challenging things was creating Mariners Compass blocks with strips of fabric and specialty rulers. My friend Barb and I laughed a lot the day we did this together. I look forward to our next get together. It’s going to be at her house and we'll work at creating a Leftovers Pantry from her scraps similar to the one I did in February. 

I did manage to get the deep cleaning done in the Master Suite, sewing room, and another go at the dye closet! That space under the stairwell just asks for the clutter to take up residence in it. I think it sends out invitations to every box, piece of bubble wrap, and recyclable item that comes into this house. 

I know this has been a long post but I’m trying to leave a written legacy for the future. I just know that one day someone will find this just fascinating to read!   Who knows, it might just be me! 

May God bless you with more than you ever imagined. 


Monday, March 22, 2021

7 Weeks into Feb-March Challenge

Progress isn’t easy when your focus gets disrupted, lol. However, I pushed through a few tough days and got a couple of things done. 

This is my page for the Mid-month mini project. It’s a tribute to Cynthia who passed this week. She was a great friend and we always enjoyed our times together. 

A week long workshop in Cartonnage was so much fun. I have a beautiful box to show for the work I did. 

This is the beginning of the Panda-moan-ium quilt for my granddaughter. 

I also went through my 'parts department’ box in the Leftovers Pantry to find pieces and parts to combine for three more small quilts. I certainly find that this approach is helping when I really don’t have the focus for anything specific. 

I've finished all of the original items I listed for this challenge, and several more! With 10 days left to this month I can finish Myriah’s quilt and perhaps get those other 3 quiltlets done too, if my focus stays! 

Hope this finds each of you well and filled with joy. 

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Monday, March 15, 2021

Mid-March Update


Received a beautiful card and a packet of coffee from Margie. And the artwork on the coffee packet is by an artist from 'home'. 

Still celebrating my Birthday. We went to Magnolia Gardens this past week. It was getting close to lunch time so we stopped past Middleton Plantation to enjoy a cup of She Crab soup and I had a salad. We then both had pecan pie for a delicious desert. Yummy!  

These are the four paint pours I did. They each have their own unique colors and technique. There are over 40 different techniques for 'pouring' paint onto the canvas. Too many to get good at all of them, so I’ll keep experimenting and not worry about the outcome. lol 

These are pictures of the book I stitched together this week. Each day we were given 'one' step in the process. Started with tearing our large sheets of watercolor paper into the correct sizes with the grain running parallel to the spine. Then we created the covers, punched holes, stitched everything together, and finished with embellishing our covers. I plan to use it for an upcoming watercolor challenge. 

Finished quilting 4 quilt sets. These were made from the Leftovers Pantry that I put together in February. That was one of the best decisions I have made during the process of trying to declutter and get some organization within my sewing room. 

When I finished this 80x80 green family quilt, I was over the 14,000,000 stitches! Yeah, I love hitting those milestones. I think that’s why I had the pecan pie! 

This is the Panda panel I want to use for my next quilt. This is for one of my grandkids. Her mom gave me the heads up on this idea. It makes life a lot easier when someone can give me a direction to go for. 
Today I finished the bindings on the 4 quilts. I’m very pleased with the progress I’ve been making while participating in a challenge with Lynda at: 

With 16 days left in March I plan to finish the Panda-moan-ium quilt, take a cartonnage class, make an envelope journal, and  have my Mid-month mini art project done before April. 

Have a beautiful day. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

A Few Projects Underway...

 I’ve kept busy these past couple of days with;

Mission Inspiration page for March. 

Front and back covers for a book I’m creating. I’ve already made the 10 signatures  for inside. 

Here are the first three months for Rainbow Scrap Challenge. They are approximately 6”x36”. I’m not sure if I will put them all into one quilt or use each of them as inspiration for a quilt based around that color. This challenge is being hosted on SoScrappy blog. 

And of course there’s always the laundry, grocery shopping, and general cleaning that gets in my way!

I’ll be back soon with another update,

Sunday, March 7, 2021

February-March Challenge @ 5 weeks

This is my client’s wall above the fireplace. The two smaller ones were from last week. 

 It's hard to believe that I have finished all but 2 items on my original challenge list. And those are dependent upon someone else sending out specific information. I’ve gotten the info on one yesterday and it will take me a few days to collect what I need for it. The second one will come mid-month. That gives me some room to try out a few other ideas that have been cogitating in the brain pan. LOL

On Tuesday Barb and I worked on creating Mariners Compass blocks.  I’m pleased to report that they lay flat! We haven’t made our centers but the grey of my design wall works for now.

Another quilt top in progress from the Leftovers Pantry. 

These are 4 of the paint pours I did this week. 

I love yellow. 
This one is another 8” square. I like it the most from this week’s time in the pouring studio. 

This one is a 12” square. All of the others were 8” squares. 

The panda fabric panel should arrive this week. It’s for a specially requested quilt for one of my granddaughters. She loves Anime, Pandas, anything Japanese, and her favorite color (today) is red. I’ll be searching thru my fabrics to make something for her to stay warm with. 

71 years of being Blessed by God. 

Thanks for stopping by