Thursday, December 5, 2013

Busy Week

This week has been very busy, once again. It started off with a trip to the furniture store and out for lunch on Monday. We got home and turned right around and went back to town to establish a patient-doctor relationship, with an appointment for Thursday morning. Tuesday was the planned day for yard project. It finished this afternoon about 3 when we returned home to see that everything was done. AND it looks beautiful! We went for lunch after the doctor appointment today and then toured the grounds at The Magnolia Plantation. George and I took a lot of pictures and now he'll get them all onto the computers for me. Tomorrow, we have an interior designer coming over from the furniture store to encourage us as we make some transitional moves from a "we'll use what we have and be happy" to a cohesive PLAN! We have also had one painter come by to measure for an estimate and another one is scheduled. The living room painting, as well as the stairwell area, is just too much for me to be tackling any more. Sometimes accepting what your body should not be doing anymore is a tough bite to swallow.

 Now, for how I've done on my Top 30 List: 
1. Office, more items moved into the space. Still a long way to go before it is comfortable for working in. 
2. Studio, progress has been made. While we waited for yard work to get underway on Tuesday, George put up my shelves in the cubbyhole closet. This is where I will be able to have my fabric visible, without sunlight damage. This took considerably longer than anticipated, but is sooo worth it. I have been able to move all of the fabric from my armoire, baker's rack, and countless piles onto these shelves. Also have been able to get the various stabilizers, fusibles, and battings placed conveniently. PS: All of my fabric is sorted by color family, designer, or target audience. It works for me, so that's why I do it like this. 
8. I've decided to hire some of the painting to be done. The rest will wait until January, as that's when the heat will be on more and the humidity should be lower. 
12. My tote has been on my mind a lot lately. I really do need a larger capacity tote, and I am giving some serious thought to using a piece that I quilted up last year when I was in Green Bay. It's 18" by WOF and has green pears on it. There's a significant amount of gold tones in it, as the pears are appearing to be ripening. I think it's from The Farmer's Market group. Anyway, I outlined the pears as I quilted the piece and I enjoy just looking at it. So if I make a tote from it I know I'd use it a bunch! 
 14. Craftsy classes, I signed up for ANOTHER one. I want to make some clothing, #5, and I don't want to end up with a garment that doesn't fit or look attractive. So, I'm taking a class with Joi Morton about Fast Pattern Fitting. Finished the first lesson, and next I need to get my measurements written down. 
 18. Weight loss, tried 1cup Greek yogurt, 2T. Cocoa, stevia to sweeten. Not bad. Frozen may make it better. I just hate adding enough stevia to make it sweet enough to WANT to eat it. One to try yet, 1 banana & 2 eggs mashed and beat together, flour less pancakes! 
 28. Garden plans, a big move forward here this week. 

 So, YES, YES, YES, I have moved forward with many of my list projects. Nothing is crossed off this week, so far. I've still got a couple of days to go. Creating memories every day, Luann

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