Sunday, December 22, 2013

Progress can be slow,,,

Here is the progress on The Top Thirty List.
Some have been crossed off, because they are done. And others have been added.

1. Finish the office space. All book boxes are now in the room.
2. Studio needs to be cleaned out and set up in a workable design. I am able to work in it at this time so I will save the major cleaning and organizing until after I get moving forward on other projects.
3. THANKSGIVING at Miss Leona's.
4. Fractured fabric challenge
5. Dress from rayon batik. I have signed up for a Craftsy class to help with fit.
6. Color wheel from my hand dyed fabrics
7. Clean the screen porch and get it ready for entertaining
8. Painting inside and out-wait until January
9. Kitchen organized. Slow goes it here, clearing out cupboards by using up product.
10. All photos organized and ready for bookmaking. I keep getting more pics, YIKES!
11. Grey and hand dyed fabric twiddle piece
12. Tote to replace the one I gave away-use the green pear fabric that I quilted at NWTC
13. Coordinating quilts for the twin beds. I want scrappy and Kona snow.
14. Craftsy class work up to date. Will need to get info printed and set timetables.
15. One year later quilt
16. More water please quilt
17. Pillowcases for each Grandchild as B-Days roll around. Put this info on Calendar.
18. Twenty pounds lighter, not creative in itself, but putting together a plan will be-this is shaping up at this time. Well I am down from 176.8 to 172 on new scale.
19. Bordering on a round robin group info-Mary has asked when it will start, I think Jan. 2014
20. Creative friends get together for meeting at quilt shop
21. Putting the binding on quilt that Hannah made for her parents, and shipping it to her. Hannah's quilt binding is finished, label and info put on back & has been rec'd.
22. Start a Sewing With Kids group with the homeschooling family a block over-they moved, wait for contact information from Anita George
23. Sew-In for new friends here in Summerville. Make a list of who I could invite and a simple project we could do as a make & take fun afternoon, put on calendar ASAP
24. Put together the plans for collaboration book with MaryEllen
25. Get the recipe/scrapbook started
26. A creative schedule THAT INCLUDES: dye days, technique days, free motion quilting days, water color painting days, online class project time, etc etc
27. Find the makeup and hairdo that will help me accept GOING GREY GRACEFULLY
28. Put together garden plans-we have come a long way with this already, just keep making progress at this time
29. Check out yoga, Pilates, and weight lifting
30. Get my website back up & running-I do a lot of blogging and pinterest pinning of my own things also, I think the actually website may not be what I even want at this time. Special note: SBI is running the two for one price sale at this time!!!
Things added to the above: as of 12/15/13
31. Binding on a fall fabric quilt. THIS WAS FINISHED THIS WEEK.
32. Joined Altered Fabric Swap so I will need to check in by fifth of each month for who I send pieces to.
33. Joined ATC Birthday Swap. This will be determined by when other participants BDays are. Two for January, so far.
34. Get Pinterest boards in alpha order, with projects finished and in progress up front.
35. Joined Post Card Swap on StitchinFingers. Already getting info gather for this.
36. Joined Fabric Book Swap, also on Stitchin Fingers. Started to get this info too.
37. Purchased the Building Blocks Pattern from Leah Day to use for improving my piecing and free motion quilting skills. I have downloaded the PDF file and printed it out. I actually made this into a booklet with my new comb binder. So I have also learned how to use it.

So, as you can see, I am busy getting things underway. I have also started to use the LIFT app on my IPad to help me change some of my habits.

How do you keep yourself moving forward? Do you make lists and then cross them off? What is it that gets you moving into your creative space? I know we all get lots of things done, just sometimes it's not the ones we wanted to be done first.

Thanks for checking out the blog again. Hope to hear from you soon.

Let's Create Today,

Merry Christmas,

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