Saturday, June 28, 2014

24 Step Color Wheel

I've been so impressed with Candy Glendening's classes on that I am currently working on a 24 step color wheel of 5" squares. It was nice to have her response to a question I posed about doing this in a matter of minutes. I know she won't always be at the computer like today. That's fine, just knowing that she DOES get back to you with answers is appreciated. 

I've been dyeing cotton pfd fabric for about two years now. I did take quite a bit of time off during the moving process that we went thru last summer. I finally got my supplies out and got going again after taking online classes with Candy. 

Lynda over at The Bloom Bake Create blog had commented about taking Candy's latest offering so I checked into it. I decided that I wanted to learn the Candied Fabric approach from the beginning. I have become more of an Intentional Dyer. At present I am making swatches of colors using various reds, yellows, and blues as my primaries. All the formulas I use are part of the course offerings. 

 I now understand just how much dye stock is needed for a specific size of fabric.  I can decide which colors I want more of, dye that amount of fabric, and my results will be what I want. I won't be wasting time, fabric, dye, or my patience!  

My first picture is of the sample swatches of the watermelon (red), daffodil (yellow), and azure (blue) that I am using as my primaries today. The second picture is 21 more little goodies, batching in the sun. 


I have already done the first rinsing, and they are back in the little containers with cold water and ice cubes on top. If all goes well, I will add a picture of them drying yet tonight. 

Here's the picture of those little swatches all lined up. They are so tiny on this drying rack, but they are just what I want. After they are dry I will iron them and see how the color mixology worked. 

Here is a picture of the ironed pieces. Colors are quite close to the actual pieces. 

So, that's  what I did creatively today. How about you?

Let's Create Today (and every day),

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yarngoddess said...

Big project, little samples! A really great reference.