Thursday, June 26, 2014

Three month update,,,

  I just checked out the last date of posting. Wow, have I been away from this. Well, best way is to just do a recap of the past three months, and move forward. 

I am checking thru my planner for notes on what I've been up to. 

StitchinFingers swapping activities have been moving along. I've been making ATCS and Post Cards for each of the Birthday ladies. My altered fabrics have been a lot of fun. 
I've made fabric book pages with the following themes:
And the first one- journey

I have been working thru some art lessons. 
 This is an ongoing work. 

I've taken several fabric dyeing classes, and have taken a more Intentional Approach. 

I've made my own gelli plates and done quite a bit of printing with them. This is one that I gave away!
Well, I'm going to post this before I lose the wifi connection. 

Let's Create Today.

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