Monday, December 15, 2014

Art Supplies Shopping Day

Three hours, three shops, and a little less gas in the car. 

And what did I get?
Screen printing ink, black and copper. One yard of screen mesh, a roll of duct tape, a floral stencil, and four 11 x 14, two 8 x 10, three 5 x 7, and four 3&1/2 x 5 mats that I will use in my screen printing experiments. A jumbo roll of burlap ribbon to stencil on. Eight new shades of Lumiere paints. One UHU stic of glue. Some blending solution for my alcohol inks. Several hanks and balls of white cotton threads for dyeing. Four new colors of procion dyes. Three rub 'n buff colors. A value pack of chipwood brushes. Glazing liquid in gloss and satin. Celluclay and e-z form plaster cloth wrap. The Exciter Packs of Lumiere (with neopaques) and Textile Traditions, both are Jacquard products. An Inkodye print fabric with light kit. It's orange but it was a very reduced price and I will experiment with this color before I use my Sepia and Blue. The last three items don't relate easily to any of the previous ones. But, here goes, a silicone oven glove in the shape of a muffin. This is large enough to fit my chubby fingers. Binder's needles, because I want to try doing Coptic stitch and I have my art work that I want to make into book format. And that final little piece that is straddling the roll of screening,,, it's a purse frame. It has holes for sewing the purse structure into it. I have wanted to make one for a long time, now I have the frame, and I can put it on my "I get to do these" list. 
It's a bit early for opening gifts, but sometimes being nice to yourself is very nurturing. 

And a picture of where my collage piece is today,,, color has been changed again. Those Lumieres are going to get a crack at this piece. 

The color isn't even close, but you get the idea I'm sure. It is painted with portrait deep pink, which is actually a beautiful chocolate with pink undertones. We'll see if I can bring this to where my mind's eye thinks it can go.  I'll keep you posted. 

So, until next time, I'm off to create something,

Have a Merry Christmas, after all it's the ultimate present!