Monday, February 23, 2015

Busy Week Over and Busy Week Ahead

This past week has been a busy one, indeed!

Monday was the usual routine of laundry and general cleaning.

Tuesday brought a full day of artsy stuff and an evening with our Ladies Ministry group at church. We had Secret Sisters last year and this was on the apron Julie gave me,

Wednesday included decluttering of the Art Studio. I tend to save a lot of "stuff" that can be recycled.

Thursday had Jennifer from Farm to Table Delivery stopping by with our produce, dairy, and meat order.

Friday morning I went to ABC at 9:30 to introduce myself to the With These Hands group of stitchers.
That afternoon I also connected with a stitcher in my neighborhood and was invited to join another group.

Saturday, the Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild met at the Charleston Museum for a behind-the-scenes tour of some of the lovely textiles they have available for study. Maria Louisa and Maria introduced me to Puerto Rican food afterwards. I had steak Mofongo. Getting to know these two ladies was definitely the highpoint of the entire day. 

Sunday came and off to Cornerstone Baptist Church we went. Salmon on the grill was George's offering for our lunch. Also took care of getting the menu planned for the upcoming week and did the grocery shopping.

AND now for the upcoming week's activities:

Monday- laundry, general cleaning, install driver for new printer, haircut (?), prepare Sangria dye solution and do the first testing of it, Playday if Fran can make it, and all the other things I have on my "routine"

Tuesday- first day of a new Bible study group, lunch with friends, spend some time in my sewing room OR dyeing more things if I like the Sangria color

Wednesday- I'll be meeting Vicki and the group of stitchers at the clubhouse nearby for a morning of stitching and lunch with them, hopefully I will be in the midst of some dyeing or deconstructed screen printing

Thursday- Leslie's Birthday, should do a full system backup on my computer, and I'd better get some progress done on the Challenge #1 piece I've been mulling over for too long

Friday- will be checking in with Carol at the Antique shop for an update on my consigned items, set appointment for health insurance conference, Challenge #1 piece! ! ! !

Saturday- George will be away for the weekend so this would be a very good time to work in my sewing lab or art studio and order food delivered????

Sunday- March 1, time to tweak the plan and decide on weekly focuses

I think that's a pretty full week coming up. I'll let you know how well I do at staying to plan.

Let's Create Today,
Something that brings us joy and contentment.

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