Thursday, February 5, 2015

The truck of HIS dreams,,

When my husband said he found the truck of his dreams, and that it was the only one on the East Coast,,, I should have told him to go back to sleep!  But I didn't, so as of noon today, I will no longer be driving a 2007 Cobalt. I have fondly thought of it as being mine, even though it is often used when I am not driving. It will be used for trade-in on this new truck. 
Now, just to set the record straight, I have a fondness for trucks, but we already have a Dodge Ram with a Cummins diesel, and four doors. So why is his "dream" a 2-door, shorter box, no diesel truck. And if it's the dream, why couldn't the other one be the trade-in? Or perhaps the 1999 LHS that is most definitely "his" car? 
Men! ARGH! I will not even try to understand this one. It's going to get interesting when I want to drive half way across the country to see my Grandkids, and he's not in the mood to go. Much less, I need to get to Bible study, grocery shop, and more often than before,,, I want to get together with other artists and sewists that share my passions. 
Well enough whine for one day, I'll wait to post this until I can get a picture of it. I haven't even seen it yet, so,,,,,  
This was the best I could get as it was dark outside by the time we picked it up. 

And, according to the hubby, it's a Ram Express Sport Truck, with a Hemi ! Ok, ok, so it is going to be quick down the road. I'd better make some cookies and get them delivered to the local authorities, hope they'll be understanding if I'm driving!!   LOL

Finding it hard to focus but will persevere,

Let's create today 

PS. This post has been viewed and approved by the proper people. 


Annette said...

Hi girl just found your site, I didn't know if the other site took me and saw this post about the awesome truck so hi ya and Hemi's are powerful xooxo Cookies are good for our authorities. lol

Luann Fischer said...

Nice of you to stop by. How,s your CQing coming along?