Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ben and Low Country Bistro

We met Ben a few months ago at Low Country Bistro. He makes the dining experience a memorable one. Always smiling and putting you at ease as soon as he approaches your table. We will miss him this summer. But we will be asking for him again in the fall when he returns, from his internship. Best of luck to a young man with the gift for serving. And, Ben, if you read this, send an email to let us know how your summer is going!


And the food. Well, I just can't say enough good things about it. From the choices on the menu;


To the presentation on your plate;


And bottomless glasses of sweat tea,


to the goodbyes as you meander out the door, you will know you've gone to the right place. 

From the moment you walk in you are 'treated' to Southern Hospitality at it's finest. I know there are a lot of upscale, and pricier, places to go in Charleston. We've been to many of them. But this will always be a favorite for us. Next time you come to Charleston, SC, be sure to stop by Low Country Bistro. And if you've never had 'fried chicken and waffles', try it. I'm from the Midwest and never heard of it until I came here. When prepared their way, it's obvious why folks like it so much.

Low Country Bistro, you have the friendliest staff around. 

And to all reading this (whenever you read this),
May God bless your day with smiling faces,



yarngoddess said...

Oh, Luann, you're making me hungry... :)

Luann Fischer said...

If you lived closer, we could go for lunch,,,