Monday, May 25, 2015

Free Flow Quilt Update

I enjoy using lots of colors. 

I also have been trying to indulge my passion for new techniques as I whittle away at my collection of cloth. Basically I'm into trying most anything because I have fabric to let go of. Just a few weeks back I ordered another 25 yard bolt of pfd dyer's muslin and I want to have some space for those new treasures I will produce. So I've been feverishly processing fabric into art quilts, samples of techniques, experiments, and some lap sized quilts for giving away. 
My latest adventure has turned into what I am calling a 'free flow' quilt. It is exactly that! What ever was flowing thru my mind I went with. This can turn out good, bad, or even ugly. But if you just keep going, eventually it gets better or NOT. But if you quit you never know what could have been. 

So, a few days ago I chose these fabrics. 


Did a crazy cutting, shifting, and fusing into place. 


Then separated the four units and started enhancing the lines where each piece butts up to the next. 


And here's a close up of my favorite stitch. I fondly call it 'heartbeat'. 

And I am liking these pieces more than I thought I would. Each section will have it's own treatment. I may put three of them into a wall hanging. The fourth one is destined for some extensive treatments. Whether it works out well or not, I will show you how they end up. God willing, and the creek don't rise. 

May your Memorial Day be blessed with loved ones,


Debbie Gilbert said...

Luann - Really love this website and what you are doing with fabric!! Are you dyeing these pieces yourself or do you have a plethora of differents fabrics, etc?

Luann Fischer said...

I dye a lot of fabric. I have over dyed commercially printed fabric as well. Some of my pieces are from a group of people that monthly swap 12 inch squares that we have each done some type of surface design work on. After 16 months of swapping with 8-12 others, I'm on a timeout. The surface design group can be found on
You can join in at any time and the site membership is free. A great place to meet a lot of unique people.