Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Question from Fire Blog

Yesterday my first post was put up on the Fire Blog.  
You can get to the site using the address:   www.andthenwesetitonfire.blogspot.com  

The question was about my screens for deconstructed screen printing. I did make all of them. I would have purchased some but I wanted to keep costs down while I experimented. Here's a group before being cleaned. 

I used inexpensive matting, duct tape, and screen printing fabric. The fabric was from an art supply store as I wanted to be sure my thickened dyes would go thru properly. I've seen where people have used pantyhose or sheer curtain fabric. I had neither of those on hand. I decided to go for a good quality in this item. I'm glad I did, as they have taken some scrubbing and are holding up nicely. 

Recently, I redid some of the taping and trimmed the excessive amount of space around the larger ones. I also deconstructed the two frames that I made using stretcher bars. I found that I couldn't get the well as clean as I wanted it. And my favorite thing about the "flats" is that I'm not working over an edge. I don't use copious amounts of product to pull thru the screen. If I need to, I will just do another pull before lifting the screen. 

I laid these on top of insulation boards. Next time, I will put a piece of plastic under them and not dye the boards along the way. Or perhaps some sort of risers to keep the thickened dyes 'on' the screen. 

Hope this helps you with a method of screens that don't break the bank. 


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