Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday Activities


Festivals, Farmers Markets, Plantation Tours, or just a fun filled Beach Day!

Saturdays are a day we tend to do something out of the ordinary. Today, we are heading up to Prosperity, SC for a festival. We haven't been to this one before, but it looked very interesting on the write up we saw. So, off we go. 

 A treasure I brought home. This was made by Jennifer Stott of J. Stott Pottery. She was so friendly and kind. She lives in Chapin, SC. Her booth had so many lovely pieces it was hard to decide. But, my all time favorite color won!
And the inside has a lovely swirl design.

One of the best parts of today was that George and I enjoyed it together. We both were relaxed and in the mood for kicking back and going with the flow, accepting whatever came about. 

Let's Create, more togetherness, Today,

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