Thursday, July 30, 2015

July Where Did You Go?

I can hardly believe that July will be over in about 28 hours! Where did it go? This isn't the first time I've gotten to a certain point and wondered what did I do during the previous month. You've probably had this sort of thing happen too. Well, I decided to do a little research. I checked my little day planner. Then I reviewed what I'd written here, on my blog. Next I went through 31 pages of posts on a 'virtual retreat' thread I've been involved in. To tell you the truth, it was a rather eventful month. Just not a highly productive one in my creative studio. 
I made a journal cover for my friend Regina. 

I had a couple of dye workshop days. 

I hosted a fabric giveaway and sent out a total of 12 packages to various addresses around the world. 
I attended several church related meetings and guild programs. Visited my MIL and picked 16 pints of blueberries. 
I spent two days traveling to a shop to check out the HQ Fusion longarm machine. 

We did purchase it and spent three more days throughout delivery and setup week. I started to become familiar with it. 

And I'm learning how to navigate the various softwares that came with it. 
Don't forget the emptying out of the room
The mess that got put into my sewing room, which still needs some help!!

And all the rest of what one does to navigate through life. Dishes were washed, laundry was taken care of, floors cleaned, etc etc. 
So, even though it seems like it flew by and I didn't get much done creatively, I progress forward like a canoe going against the current some days, and with it on others. All in all, God has blessed me tremendously and I am grateful for it all. Yes I am even grateful for the dirty dishes. It means we have food to eat and something to put our food on. Not everyone is so fortunate. 
Coming soon, another giveaway!! 
Starting today, every comment gets you an entry into my giveaway!! Make sure you follow by email, as I will be posting more info about the giveaway and the lucky winner's comment at the end of August. 

Thanks for stopping by,
May God bless the work of your hands. 
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Dorothy said...

I love your hand dyes, and am so envious of your new toy! would love to have a longarm machine! Beautiful job already on the quilting :)