Thursday, September 3, 2015

Second Update on September Intentions

Middleton Place is a lovely place, with plenty of walking paths and delightful eye candy for a nature lover. So, yes, I am walking more and enjoying my surroundings. That was the first intention that I listed, and it's well underway. 

The above image is the picture I took of my thread nests laying on my kitchen table. The picture below is of the fabric I ordered from Spoonflower with the image printed.  It's an online site for printing your own designs. I had this printed onto a silk. They have several kinds of fabric, as well as wallpaper and gift wrap!! If you haven't checked them out, getting an account is free and you can purchase samples, fat quarters or yards! 
I had every intention to use this piece for part of my Beginnings/Nests quilt, but the silk is so gorgeous I'm going to have a hard time cutting or stitching it into a quilt! Maybe I'll need to order another fat quarter in quilter's cotton??
Bindings onto four more charity quilts, now waiting to be delivered. 
Improvisational table runner was quilted and bound in time to give to my new Pastor's wife at a 'meet and greet' our Ladies Ministry group had for her. 
Then I was able to finish the tablecloth and two placemats from that same improvisational workshop. 
Next is a closeup of the quilting pattern I  chose to enhance the geometric shapes. I used a unconventional way of screen printing the leaf onto the top, before quilting. 
I sure am enjoying the unique things I can do with my longarm. 

I'm always taking pictures of the ironwork gates I see when I go into Charleston. I have several ideas that I think would look great as quilts. 
Worked on these little blocks at With These Hands meeting. The background fabric was cut to 5x6 and will be trimmed to 4 1/2" by 5 1/2". I don't usually work this small, but I bought the kit several years ago and I want to get it finished. 

I continued the hand stitching but didn't do all blanket stitch edges! A girl has to follow her own heart, right? I was getting bored, so I did some stab stitches to hold mini leaves in place on the purple posey block in the right column. 
And last night I got the last of the twelve little blocks done, attached the sashings (these are cut 1" wide, to finish at 1/2" wide!!), and I got the blocks sewed into the center piece. It needs more borders, etc. but I'm very pleased with how far I've gotten it. 

Yesterday was an awesome day. We invested time in our relationship with God. When I read in The Bible, pray for direction, and 'listen' to His promptings, my day goes well. I am so blessed!!

May God bless you today, with contentment in your life,

3 comments: said...

Luann, I love the screen printed leaf that is on those placemats and table topper. The leaves are the perfect accent to the piecing! I am impressed at how much you have already accomplished this month!!

Luann Fischer said...

It was a leaf from my backyard, copied onto regular paper. Then I put a piece of freezer paper over it traced and cut it with an exacto knife. I put it shiny side up, under my 'cheapo ' screens, these are made using a photo mat for frame and duck tape. I am teaching myself about screen printing, so I think it's a bit thick but I really liked it. Because I went over seams, I had to go back with a tiny paint brush to fill in the designs in some spots, and correct a few edges. That's why each one looks a tad bit different.
I've been over to your blog and I really like what you've been up to.
Have a great day,

Monica said...

Wow, Luann, you are certainly achieving a lot. It's great seeing your progress.