Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I'm Back From Vacation,,,

I had a great time! Loved seeing my friends and family members. The Grandkids are growing and give  me a lot of joy filled times. We saw a lot of beautiful sites, ate great food, played some silly games, and really kicked back and relaxed. 
A gorgeous view coming through the Appalachians. 
Roses are still blooming in North Carolina. 
A barn inspiration from the UP of Michigan. 
And this one from a backroad that we use. 

That's all for now. 
I need to go check the intention list, make some plans, and find my swimsuit! I'm going to the beach tomorrow, just because!

May God bless you with refreshing adventures,


Terry said...

Luann, such beautiful scenery! I felt like I got to go too! :) Terry

Luann Fischer said...

Thanks for stopping by, Terry.
I hope to get back into my routine by Monday. It's funny how being away can take my momentum to a very low point.
Next week I hope to have some "progress" reports.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Luann, You are a no reply commenter so this is the only way I can answer your question. I always float the tops, never roll them on a roller.

Monica said...

Beautiful photos, Luann. I particularly like the barn.

Luann Fischer said...

I've wanted to get a picture of that barn for over 7 years. It's on the way to see my Grandkids, and I just couldn't bring myself to stop and get the picture and in doing that, I'd have 5 minutes less with them!! This time, we had an open day while they were in school so I finally got it.
My hubby and son went to get a picture of another barn that had all manner of shingle colors on the roof, but when they got yo the location, it had been dismantled!! That was a bit of a bummer for them,,, but it shows me that you really should turn the car around and go get the picture the first time you see something, it may not be there when you return in a month.
Have a great day,