Thursday, October 1, 2015

October 2015 Intentions

I will continue taking pictures on my daily walks, like this one of a neighbor's Angel Trumpet in PURPLES with a double fringe! Isn't it lovely? And the stem is black. I wonder how rare it might be, as I've never seen this color before. 
Now for the list of October Intentions. 
To finish the following and post a picture of each, as it is completed. 
Poppy Fields-binding. 
Sunrise/Sunset-the binding to be attached to the back and a method of hanging. 
The Princess-to be quilted and binding put on. Also will need a method of hanging. 
Canberra Tree-stitch work to be completed, binding, and hanging method. 
Dragonfly Book Pages-to be made into a book. 
The Primitive Woolies-quilting, binding and hanging method. 

Embarrassingly, I admit to not having my 'ROOTS' piece done that was due today. I intend to get it finished soon, but not quickly. I want it to be something I'm happy with, not just something I've finished!

Secondary intentions,these are the ones that happen if time works out,,
Start a series titled 'nests/beginnings'
Elements class work
Spoonflower Workbook, next chapter
Finish the thread sketched poppy piece I started a few years ago. I'm thinking a pillow?
TAST work to be added to my hand dyed flower garden piece that's on my grey design wall at the moment

And of course the most important intention of all for October is my trip to see my family and friends. 
I'm so looking forward to just being with each one of them. 

So, no picture album today, but if things work out I'll post a quick note and image each finish this month. So, some days you might get a couple of posts, other days nothing. I'll be back in November with a bit more structure to the frequency of blogging, so till then,

May Jesus bless you with loving family and friends,

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Monica said...

Lovely flower, Luann