Saturday, October 10, 2015

Please, before you leave?

I had a call on Wednesday morning from Betty. A new friend I've made through the hand stitching group I attend. 'With These Hands' is a splinter group of The Cobblestone Quilters Guild. We meet up on the third Friday of each month at Panera Bread. They've all been very friendly and Betty and Edie have brought me quilt tops to be done on my long arm. So, when she asked if I could get a quilt done for her, before she was leaving for vacation (in a few weeks), I had to chuckle and told her I was leaving within a few days myself. I could hear her disappointment, but she was very understanding. I asked about the quilt. Size, who was it for, could it get a simple edge to edge design, etc etc. she said I could do whatever I thought best. Now how can you say no to that? 
20 minutes later she was dropping it off. I got to work right away, and by mid afternoon I was able to send her the text message, 'she's done and ready to be picked up'. Betty popped on over and took home this bundle of comfort that's going to a grandchild. 
So, I have a 'finish' for the day before leaving on vacation. 

I have decided to take along some hand work for the road trip portions of our vacation. 
I'll post pictures as I progress, as I don't expect it to be a 'finish' for quite some time!!

May God grant you the energy to accomplish all your heart desires to get done,


Monica said...

I'm impressed by your turn-around time on the quilt, Luann. I'm sure it was much appreciated.

Luann Fischer said...

I see that you've been checking up on me. Thanks for leaving comments where you've seen something of interest to you.
I just finished another quick turn around, not because it was requested, just because it fit into my schedule. She dropped it off at 1pm on Monday, and I had it 'off the frame' at 7:15pm Monday. I had a few other things that I took care of, but while my machine runs, I am in attendance and paying attention to only it.
I am enjoying longarming others quilts, but I want to get a few tops done so I can venture into other patterns and custom settings. Soon, very soon!
Have a wonderful day Monica,