Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Very Productive Week

I put a few more stitches on my jacket. This was wrapped chain stitch and variations on the basic stitch. 

I got busy and covered my design walls, first with solid color felt or batting. Then it was time to fill them with projects, and some finished pieces that continue to inspire me. 

The grey background has a couple of empty spots where some pieces were, but I've been busy!
One of those taken down was the 10 pieces of printed fabric that distorted once they were sewn together. I picked out all of the stitches, squared them up and reseed them into this:
I'm not sure just how this will get finished, but I have a couple of ideas already. I'm just glad that it is now square, even if I haven't put it on the wall that way! LOL

And I finished making 40 square-in-a-square blocks for the BOM Mystery quilt along. 

Assisted, minimally, with getting my dryer vent cleaned out! PLEASE, check yours, and get it cleaned, I never would have imagined this much could have accumulated. 
And there were four chunks this size or larger!!

I also got busy with Craftsy BOM Summer 2015 project. I had finished one block, and the cutting of several basic pieces before I went on vacation in October. I had 15 more 12" blocks to do, and then for November the installment was for the central motif, a 20" block. The first picture is of 12 of the blocks laying on the floor, I don't have quite the right space to see all 16. Three of the last four appear after the center block. 


Aussie Jo said...

Lots of wonderful inspiration, I think I recognise a few of those pieces!

Luann Fischer said...

I'm trying hard to correctly identify the 'tree' portion of my Canberra Tree. I think it came from you, but I can't find any of my notes,,,, help?
Thanks for stopping by. How's the weather on your side of the sphere?

Terry said...

Love those bright blocks on the black background. Your wrapped chain stitch looks way cool. Wishing you even more productivity this week!!!--Terry

Monica said...

What a huge amount of lint! I don't think I ever got that much lint out of my dryer. I don't have one now. The one I had when the children were little broke down some years ago and I never replaced it.
All your work looks gorgeous, as usual.