Monday, November 30, 2015

Final November Review

Do you remember when I was making these with my hand dyed fabric samples?
The other day while I was at Home Depot, I was given this by the Glidden Representative. 
I've already used it to help me choose colors for the shelves in the guest bath. I really like those little dots of paint they put on the top of the can.
We spent a couple of days down on the beach. I like collecting images as much as shell fragments. 
A large piece of drift wood. 
Cool looking barnacles and moss on old dock pieces. 
And my shells all piled together.
On the way home we stopped by The Screen Door Restaurant, on James Island, for some yummy food. Everything on the menu sounded terrific. I opted for chicken and waffle with peach molasses. Oh my, was it delicious. Hubby got shrimp and Gechee boy grits. I will try them next time as the texture was more coarse like riced-potatoes. I'm not fond of the usual way you get grits, but these were good. 

And for the creative side of things:
3 table runners have bindings done and are ready for gift giving. 
Mondo bag #1 got a proper strap. 
Mondo bag #2 got a little reworking. I took the bottom seam apart far enough to put binding on each seam so it can now be turned to either side and used. I then attached the straps. 
I put bindings on the 8 stitch outs I did so they can be used as mug rugs, or pot holders. They would even be good for under a plant that might get over watered. 
And for my Grandkids, some pillowcases. 
These were all done with each kids favorite colors. 

Aren't they all just adorable? I guess that's Gramma talk for, I sure love these kids!

In looking over my intention list for November, I see that I completed many of my intentions. I also have added and completed several items. But, alas, there are quite a few that are still in the unfinished stage. 
That's what life's all about, isn't it? You choose what you intend to focus on. Your month unfolds. You get some things accomplished. You do things that weren't even on your mind at the beginning of the month. You realize time has passed and important things have been accomplished and those that weren't, were not as important as you may have thought. You make new decisions for your next month, and move forward. And that's just the way it goes for me. How about you? 

May God bless you with His Peace as we approach Christmas. 



Terry said...

So true about accomplishing some things on your list, but not others! I enjoyed your photos today! --Terry

Luann Fischer said...

Thanks for stopping by.
Do you have any BOMs that your planning to do during 2016? I'm always seeing a new something, but so far I'm leaning towards finishing previously saved BOMs.
I think I may have found the perfect box, just gotta check to see if the hat will fit inside nicely.
It'll make a nice Christmas gift for you, my online friend.

Terry said...

Luann, like you, I'm planning to finish some previous BOMs. But, if one catches my fancy. . .well, I'm in! See??? I knew the right box would materialize! I'm looking forward to receiving it from my special online friend!! :)--Terry

Anonymous said...

You always get so much done Luann! it's very impressive. Thanks for the restraunt suggestion. I'll try to remember it for next time we are in S.Carolina.
Karen kfstitcher

Anonymous said...

Darn I forgot I also wanted to say that yes those kids are cute!!

Lynda said...

Luann, Love reading and seeing what you've been doing. I love your little mug rugs. I am so binding-challenged even though I've read and tried several methods, just not happy with them. So yesterday I took the serger, and serged all of the edges and even broke a needle in the process! But I love how the binding looks so I need to revisit that. Any hints or tips I'd appreciate. And the grandkids are so sweet.

Luann Fischer said...

So glad you all stopped by.

Karen, I could give you several that are down right fun to go to. Let me know when you're getting ready to come down and I'll make a list that you can investigate before you get here.

I have learned several small tricks. They all add up to 'my method'. I cut binding strips at 2 1/4" by WOF. I press them in half down the length. If I need longer than 40 inches, I sew them together using a bias seam. I attach them to the BACK of my pieces with 1/4" seam. I start close to a corner, leaving a decent length out behind my presser foot, unattached. I stop, needle down, 1/4" from the corner, raise presser foot, rotate piece so I can sew directly off at a 45 degree angle and go off at the tip of that first corner. I then take it out from under the foot, flip the binding strip up and over to my right, bring it back down with those stitches at the tip making the fabric turn the corner. I then start to sew right at the edge, to the next corner and repeat. When I turn the last corner, I sew a few stitches and remove the unit from the machine. I lay one end of the strip on top of the other, the top strip is trimmed 2 1/4" beyond the bottom strip(over lap of 2 1/4") sew those ends together on the bias, check to be sure you haven't twisted them or sewed bigger than 1/4" seam. When it looks right, it is! You can trim the excess corners, press and go back to your machine and finish that last side. Then I set my stitches, next I press the backside area and press the binding away from it. When I turn it to the front I can see where it will land, so when I make my decorative stitches they'll look best on the front. Oh my, I think I'd better do a blog post with pictures! LOL
Maybe next time I go to Wisconsin I'll stop by and show you. It makes so much more sense when someone walks you through it.
Have a great day

Monica said...

Congratulations on finishing so much in November, Luann. I recently started making Christmas outfits for my granddaughters but my sewing machine stopped working. It needs a new part and I have to wait for that to arrive and be installed. It's been in the shop for a week and a half now - and Christmas is getting closer and closer.