Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Intentions

I apologize for the first posting of this. All of my spacing was lost, and even I couldn't decipher what I meant! 

This string quilt is going to be an inspiration for a 'leader-ender' project for this month. 
November intention list
Add TAST stitches to my hand dyed jacket

4 art lessons 

BOMs: Mystery with Terrie - November clue

            Craftsy Summer Batik - November session and 15 unfinished blocks!!

Roots challenge - this was due October 1st,,

Client quilts. 3 are in and all decisions are made. Another one is in decision mode. 

Put Dragonfly Fabric Book pages together. 

Get the four mirrors up on the walls

Move forward on collage piece

Finish: binding stitch outs into useable hotpads or mug rugs

           Mondo bag #2

           Assorted pieces of quilted fabric into useful items (totes, table runners, etc)

Work on at least one of the "free flow" pieces

Start nests/beginnings, enough thinking has been done!

Do some surface design work for fabric swap group

Continue with 'elements' class work

Dye four silk scarves 

Woven ribbon piece - cut up and used in pillows for the grands

Cathedral window piece to be mounted and framed

Finish the thread sketch on poppy 

Long arm practice - new techniques, feet, ideas

Make at least one 'millefiori' hexi

And a few more items that I will surprise you with!! 

 I'll be surprised too if I get HALF of this done. 

I'll leave you with another inspiration,

Have a blessed day,


Terry said...

I love string quilts. There is just something "fun" about all the color and texture of the fabric bits. Thanks for your comment to my blog about the box for the hat. I was thinking you needed my PO box number. How funny!!! Hope you meet all of your goals this month!!!

Monica said...

That's a lot of goals for one month, Luann. I look forward to seeing if you get them all done. The sea horse is gorgeous.