Sunday, December 13, 2015

Second Update for December

It's been a busy week around here. I've been cleaning and organizing in a couple of areas. I've also spent some time preparing a few gifts. 

The Lord's Prayer, a quilted wallhanging for my Secret Sister. 

Learning how to make fabric twine. I chose to zigzag stitch this little trivet piece together. Normally the fabric twine is used when crocheting or knitting, but  I'm always trying something a bit different. 

I received my first Blog Book. It has 205 pages and includes my first 114 posts. A very neat way to have a 'diary' of a blog. If you haven't made one for your blog, you really should look into it. You can choose which posts will be in your book. That helps if you're trying to keep expenses down. They are running sales now till the end of the year. If you need the site, email me, and I'll get the info to you. 

Mug rugs and hotpads just waiting for bindings to be sewn on. 

These are as far as I've gotten on my Improv Triangle quilt. There are four sizes, three within 1" of each other. Then 8 are quite a bit larger. I had this thought that I would just keep adding sides until they were all very close and then I'd trim them to one consistent measurement. My problem came when I realized that I didn't  have the amount of black that I wanted for a background. Now I must decide to go totally out of the box and just let what happens happen. Or choose a substitute, or many, for the black. I wanted the triangles to look as though they were floating. This will be put in a container and left to rest for a bit. I can put it on my list for the quilt guild's UFO Busting Challenge for 2016. 

More insertion lace pieces got to climb into the dye pot this week. Along with,

17 pieces all dyed serendipitously. That just means, I didn't follow the plan I started with. I know many dyers really try hard to get something specific. I usually have a written plan, labels attached, and everything thought out. However, this week I woke up one morning and it was as though someone else had taken over my body. I got to go along for the ride, and I totally enjoyed the entire process. I even shortened my batching time and was pleased with the results. I now have 17 pieces that are just shy of 48" by 40". I tear my cloth at 40" intervals so the shrinkage won't ever put me under a full yard when I'm done with all the hot water washing. 
A possibility for 2016, put these up for sale in an Etsy shop. Hardest part, parting with any of them. I just love the textures and interplay between the colors when I "free style"!  Now there's a new word for us cloth dyers. We can say we were 'free styling'. Works for me. 

And I did say I was cleaning and organizing. 

Packaged batting and a container of cut offs. 

Just a few of the thread choices. 

Larger pieces to be used for backings. And some emptied shelves! 

George and I went to lunch at Middleton Place this week. The weather has been beautiful and we are determined to enjoy it. This is a nice place to have lunch, take a carriage ride, tour the house and grounds, and stroll the property. And YES, I did get startled by an alligator, again! 

This wasn't the one, but probably a relative!

If you are in my neighborhood, drop by. I'd love to visit with you. My door is always open. 

May God bless each of you with happy memories and loved ones to remember them with. 

Merry Christmas,



Terry said...

Luann, I love the texture of your free style dyeing! Did you make your twine with only fabric strips or did you twist the fabric around cording? Your mug rugs all look bright and happy. They are going to make their recipients smile! I received a beautiful red hat in the mail yesterday. I've take a photo of myself wearing it and may post it at the end of the week. I love it! Thank you so much!!!--Terry

Luann Fischer said...

I only used fabric strips for these. My first 18 inches was very consistent. I think my hands and fingers got tired of the motion because as I continued on my twine's twists looked blobby, if that's a word! Next time I will do 12-18" at a sitting, then take a reasonable break. I wonder about using a drop spindle? I will be meeting with Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild this Saturday and I will ask some of the spinners what they think about the possibility.
I'm glad the hat has arrived. I bet it looks great on you! ENJOY.
The mug rugs aren't getting any attention at the present moment. Perhaps God has a special calling for them. Not all are Christmas materials, there were also 4 with a picnic theme, several with various vegetable, and 36 were from a hand dyed workshop.

May God give you energy to finish the important things in life,
PS thanks for stopping by, I'm off to see your blog now.

Lynda said...

Luann, I continue to love seeing what you are doing. You are so productive!! Love your free styling dyeing. Absolutely beautiful. And all of those mug rugs and placemats. Amazing!! If I ever get near your neck of the woods, I'll be knocking on your door. Merry Christmas!

Luann Fischer said...

You have been a very big influence in my creative life. Thank you.
The door is always open and the tea pot can be warmed up within a few minutes.
I'd love to have a visit with you.
Merry Christmas

Monica said...

I think you should come to my place, Luann, and work your organising magic on my craft room. I'm intrigued by the fabric twine - I must look up how to make it.

Luann Fischer said...

I just typed in fabric twine tutorial and I found the one by Cintia on MyPoppet. I believe she's from Australia.
She made her rug by crocheting with the twine, but I got a bit impatient and decided to stitch it on my machine. This did flatten it very nicely for a mug rug, or hot pad.
Best to your creative adventures in 2016.