Saturday, January 2, 2016

January Intentions

Yesterday I wrote about my intentions for the entire year. Today, I'll get specific with my January list.

To get this flimsy quilted. I'm calling it Leftovers #1 because I'm using fabrics left from previous quilts. 

Make the decision to call this a flimsy or use it for the back of Leftovers #1 quilt pictured above. 

This is a flimsy that needs to be quilted. Snowman

Get my improv batik triangle pieces to flimsy stage. 

January pieces need to be made for this Mystery BOM QAL with Terrie. 

Batik Stars BOM flimsy needs quilting. 

Tequamenon Falls needs borders, quilting, maybe some thread work too. 

Dragonfly book needs to be made from all of the pages I received back in 2014!

Other things on the list include:   
House projects-painting, deep cleaning, decluttering, etc, etc. 
Healthier life style advocating-eating breakfast daily is the first step I want to become routine for me. 
Time with the Hubs at the beach. 
Putting in some designated time on my art courses. 

May God bless the work of your hands. 


Lynda said...

Oh Luann, you are so ambitious! I'm feeling like a slug since I still haven't set my intentions yet!! Happy New Year!

Terry said...

Luann, what a great list. I've just spent three days struggling with a piece--this is exactly how I get off track as what is in my head doesn't transfer to my fingers!!! Best wishes on the breakfast thing. . .I've been working on cutting out the constant snacking from 3-5. . .change is not easy!! Some days are better than others! --Terry

Luann Fischer said...

It's such a pleasure to open up my emails and see comments coming in. Both of you can understand that feeling, I'm sure! I've been reading what you ladies have been up to also. Pretty interesting stuff from both of you. It would be such fun to get together with my 'blog friends'.
Maybe someday I'll tour the world just visiting my online friends. Most of them have sewing machines or paint brushes, and some would have both. Wouldn't that be a hoot!

Let's see what we can get into our 'finished' list for January, but I think I'm going to also have a 'started' list for each month. Sometimes being sidetracked with another project, that gets completed ASAP, gives me an energy burst.

Monica said...

An ambitious list, Luann, but it's good to aim high. I mostly work on a day-by-day basis. Yesterday, I had to put one project aside because I need a particular backing for it and the supplier doesn't re-open until next Monday. I also need some new elastic for another project but I don't want to go shopping today, so I'm starting on a new bag instead. Or hoping to - I just found an issue with the pattern.

Luann Fischer said...

Thanks for the comments on these two latest posts. I found out that I produce more when I have more to produce. It's that old saying about work expanding to fit the time allotted to it! Each day has a plan that gives me something to move towards. Seldom do I get everything done on its scheduled day! But all important things are always done on time.