Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Review

I've been working on a NEW project. More info at the end of this post. 
Yep, you read that correctly! Wouldn't you think I'd have the sense to just get more things finished and not keep starting stuff? Nope, not my style. I'm making headway on all those left over projects from the past, as well as starting new ones. Some of the new ones get finished long before the next step is taken on an existing project. For example:
Top two pics show the back and front of a quilt made from my 'leftovers' basket. This is completed, just waiting for where God will have it go. This was a NEW item started and completed. 
Next is a set of 4 pillowcases made for someone's Birthday. Also a NEW project. 
The bottom picture on the left is a mini wall hanging that is 1 of 4 that were on one piece of cloth. They could become pillows but most everyone that has seen these want to look at them, not lean on them. This has been gifted and I got a picture/message of it 'on the wall'. 
The snowman quilt was a quilt top from last year that needed quilting and binding. It is now finished. 
Here are the other three wallhangings. They have been gifted, or are in the process of being gifted. 
The group of log cabin blocks were the January units for the Mystery BOM QAL with Terrie. Soon, I'll have the February info and can get those done as well. This is an ONGOING project. 
I've made no headway on the Improv Triangle Batik quilt. At present, all pieces are taking a break in the cupboard. I'm not sure where I want to go with it. 
My Batik stars quilt got a backing made for it, and it's draped over the front bars on my longarm. It's just not calling me name, yet. No picture needed of that. 
I spent some time putting this table topper together on the longarm. I used a stitch-n-flip method. It's ok, but I'd rather piece on my domestic machine, and use the longarm for quilting. I did apply the majority of the binding while it was on the frame. Another, ok, but I'd rather do it on my conventional sewing machine. This is completed and awaiting its destination call. 
A few other finishes included fabric twine coaster, infinity scarves, microwave potato pouch, a tad bit of stitching on my jacket, and I sorted about 1 1/2 gallons of buttons by color. 
And for the BIG NEW PROJECT. I've started a One Block Wonder. I wish I would have bought a book or pattern, it would have been a quicker process, but I'm all about challenging myself. Pics of original fabric, cut into identical triangles, then connected into half- hexies.
I then put them all on design wall and rearrange until I was pleased. 
Next I made tumbling blocks and chose where they would go.
 I've added extra blender hexies along both sides, and triangle pieces to the top and bottom of each column. 
These were all sewn together in columns. I've just begun to sew the columns together. This is not a quick project, but it is very satisfying to see how it comes together. Like I said, having some form of instruction that would give you dimensions of your hexie units and triangles is highly recommended. 

It's early Sunday morning and I have this afternoon and evening to sew if I want, I'll close out this month now. Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to make progress on my projects. 

What's on your horizon?

May God give you a week filled with moments of awe-Luann


Terry said...

Luann, your one block wonder is a WOW! I love the addition of the tumbling blocks. You are amazing to tackle the project without instruction! Of your finishes, that Santa steals my heart. . .of course, it is ahem. . .RED! tee hee! Way to go "Wonder Woman!" --Terry

The Reader said...

Gorgeous, Luann! I love the insert of some tumbling blocks -- really pops the quilt into another level of awesome!

On my horizon -- starting the real piecing on my son's graduation quilt.

LuAnn said...

Hi Luann. I love your One Block Wonder and have fabric to start one, too. The blocks you used to frame it really makes it pop. I'm curious. Who were you named after? I hardly find anyone with the same name that is spelled the same.

Luann Fischer said...

Your comments really are encouraging.
Terry, I think that the Santa quilt looked so awesome on top of my Poppyfields when I pinned the top to it at Christmas time. I would have given it some aqua if my stash had a plaid with Aqua, red, and deep green or black. But alas, not in my stash, and doubtful I'd find it, so I quilted it up. It's almost time to put it away for several months. I don't get snow here, so it's my 'winter scene'.
Reader, (Heather?) I really wanted to do several optional tumbling blocks, but I decided it was going to be too busy if I did. I may do some hexies or tumbling blocks about half the size the 'engage the borders', because,,,, if you look closely at the right hand side, those first 3 strips are NOT coming out to match the length of the rest of the quilt dimensions. I guess that's where a PATTERN would have been helpful!
LuAnn, I was named after my parents, Louis and Ann. I'm glad the didn't make it Louise Ann, because knowing my family I'd have been called Wheezy. I never get upset if people spell it incorrectly, except I have to be sure on legal docs it is done proper.
My OBW is coming together but as I mentioned, the columns on the lighter colored side, are not making me happy. I'm thinking of some very creative ways to fix this, and at the same time, practice a new technique-appliqué. Not my strong suit, as it will need to be done by machine, my fingers cramp up on me if I get into very much hand stitching.
I received my Accuquilt GO Cutter on Saturday, and I'm going to see if a friend might have some hexie dies for it, that I could borrow. I'll keep you all posted.
Thanks for stopping by. And leaving a comment sure makes my day brighter.
May God bless you each with exactly the color of cloth you wanted, the next time you look into your stash. - Luann

Monica said...

More great progress, Luann. The hexagon quilt is looking beautiful with all those soft colours. I'm currently working on a recycled jeans quilt, with the denim cut into rectangles of different lengths - very different from your hexagons.


The Reader said...

Luann, yes, I'm Heather from TQS :) Long ago I created this anonymous name on Blogger and now it always shows up that way.

I have the same problem with designing my own, sometimes the measurements don't come out right; especially on something like the OBW where it's more kind of improv put together vs measured & cut. Still looks great, and I've no doubt you'll fix it right up!

For machine applique, a little fusible works great. You can do glue stick, or fusible (Heat n Bond Lite works well) and then a simple zig zag around the edges (tight together like a satin stitch, or regular zig zag, depending on the look you want). Or you can use a stiletto or other tool, turn the edges under (glue those to the back with a little glue stick) and then you can straight stitch the applique on, without ending up with "raw edge" applique.

Luann Fischer said...

Thanks for commenting when you've stopped by.
Monica, I hope you post a picture that I get to see of that denim quilt you're working on.
Heather, I've been playing with my GO cutter, and if I get the small hexie die I may make some 'hexie trails' over the seams that I need to open up, thus getting things to lay flat. My longarm quilter, ME, would kick me if its this distorted when trying to put it on the frame.
It's really ok, because I look at it with the the idea of, what design element can I add without overkill? It's going to be fine I'm sure. But I am getting to a spot where I want it to be flat, more than I want it done. And I want it DONE, yesterday!
I'm off to bless my house, then sew some seams-Luann