Monday, February 8, 2016

February Intentions

This month is flying by.  Here it is the 8th day and I'm finally getting around to posting my intentions.   
This should be my first reviewing day, for this month. 

I've decided to combine them. 

1. To finish my OBW that I started in January. I put in several hours sewing everything into this configuration and adding the minimalist borders. I have the backing pieces yet to sew together, before it can get onto the longarm machine. After quilting, I will add the appliqué shapes I envision for it. 

2. My Batik Stars BOM quilt top is waiting to be quilted. The backing has been prepared, now to decide on the designs and thread colors for each area. 

3. To accommodate any client quilting needs. At present 2 have been dropped off and they will be done soon. No pictures until I ask for the ok. 

4. Continue with the Mystery Quilt clues. I have downloaded the info and will need to look at my schedule for when I'll get at this. Center panel was through the December clue. In January, I made the log cabin blocks. This month's clue has me making more 6 1/2" economy blocks to go between the log cabin blocks for the next border. 

5. To be prepared for a group of visitors to my 'work areas', on Feb 13. This means getting the sewing room, longarm lab area, and art studio put in order. Not a cleaning out of stuff, just a tidying up. Not interesting enough for a before picture. Maybe later a snapshot of the design walls? And I really should put the dust bunnies into cages!

6. Prepare for classes that I'm giving this month.  Marbling with shaving cream and fabric paints on cloth will be on Saturday, Feb 20. Then on Wednesday, February 24, I'm leading a mini workshop on fabric manipulations.  

7. Friday, February 12, will find me spending the entire day at a class called Hostas 101. 

And I want to make headway on the following:
8. Tequamenon Falls wall hanging
9. Batik triangle/improv quilt
10. Dragonfly pages- if this isn't going to become a book, I need to make a decision as to what I AM  going to do with them

And, true to my nature, I have a few other projects rambling around in my mind.  I find that starting a new project gives me the push to finish one that has gotten stuck in 'cogitation' mode. 

How about you? Do you find that starting a new project leads to getting an older project finished? Or does it just push them ALL further back? No right or wrong here, just what works for each of us, right? Right! 

May God give you plenty of energy to complete your project at hand. -  Luann


Terry said...

Sometimes starting a new project just pushes the started ones further back. . .actually most of the time!!! However, I had planned to start a project this month and have found that working on it has me thinking about an older block of the month project that isn't that far from being a top! I have decided though to NOT feel bad about starting a new project. Sometimes, you just can't keep it all inside of your heart and soul! :) Great blog today!--Terry

Luann Fischer said...

Thanks Terry,
I agree. I know that starting new projects can take the focus off of those waiting. I don't let it bother me anymore, either. Everything that NEEDS to be taken care of, gets done.
Read your blog post today for the second time! I really like your flying geese units. I never thought of using strip pieced centers, like that idea. I may do something similar with my batik triangles. Thanks for the inspiration, and for your kind comments.

Anonymous said...

You OBW is amazing! I love how those tumbling blocks look like they are floating!

Monica said...

Lovely work in progress. I am trying to be disciplined and finish off some things before starting on anything new. And today I have a day in my workroom. I decided to finish off a denim handbag - but can't find the facing that I have cut out and interfaced. I might go and do some embroidery instead. :)