Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Review and Intention Time, Already?

August has flown by for me. Several intentions were accomplished, and many others were put on hold. This happens when I decide that I am going to make two quilts before I leave on vacation! And to top it off, I've never done either design previously and the pattern wasn't the size I needed! EQ7 to the rescue. But before I could start designing with it, I had to reinstall my program. That was one of the many glitches that came about from my problem with Windows 10vs7 back in the spring. Moving on,

I'll start at the beginning of the month. 
I finally cut and appliquéd my hexies onto the 'slashed' area of my One Block Wonder quilt. They did exactly what I wanted, without attracting any undue attention. This is now a FINISHED quilt.
Below are pillow cases for McKade and Eliza, two sweet kids in the UP of Michigan. They'll get these, and their quilts when I visit this fall. Under them are the cases that go with the OBW quilt. Four pillow cases FINISHED. 
I also worked on making an improvisational background for my yellow Impatien. The flower portion is a Judy Niemeyer design. My intention was for this to be my entry in Cobblestone Quilters Guild President 2016 Challenge. It is not quilted, but the backing and the binding are ready for it. Sad to say, it will be rejected as it is 1/2" shy of the minimum size. I know I could add another piece of border, but this is how I want it. And after quilting, it may miss the 30" minimum by more than that. I'll like it, and the person that will receive this will be quite pleased. Not a finish, on the list for September. 
This was where my 'pojagi-look' piece is at. I've since removed it from my design wall, after pinning all those pieces onto a sheer curtain panel. Most of them are silks, or very thin cloth. I want this to be a curtain art item, so I'm really trying to be ok with no batting or backing. The plan is to sew them to the curtain and then hang it for enjoying. Most of these pieces were received from people around the world that I traded surface design cloth with, back in 2014. September?
I realized that I had not gifted pillow cases to my sister or brother in law when I gave them quilts. So I made one to go with the Civil War reproduction fabric quilt, and a black and purple one for my sister. The other 6 pictured here go with 3 quilts that are on the 'waiting bench'. Eight more FINISHED cases.
Here's a FINISHED I'm proud of. I ordered these pole cradles for my quilting machine awhile back. They've been sitting in my longarm quilting area ever since. I knew I would enjoy the mobility they give when loading my quilts, but I just would freeze every time I thought about taking my machine's frame apart! I watched the video, read the instructions. Twice!  Why I let my inner critic even talk is beyond me! They were installed in less than 30 minutes, and YES, YES, YES! They are terrific. 
In my desire to reduce the basket of "what am I ever going to do with these left overs", I pieced this table topper. I had 19 blocks. Why not 20? Probably will find it someday in the bottom of another basket. I chose to add the gray sashing, but as I was doing this, I found that I had 15 blocks that were the same size and 4 that were SMALLER.  Now had they been larger it wouldn't have been quite the issue, but because of this I added extra depth borders to one block. The center fabric is an old timey print of canisters, the backing is coffee cups and coffee beans on green. So, Canisters On Caffeine is a FINISHED table topper. 
The next photo is something I saw at Coastal Coffee Roasters in Summerville, SC. They've got great coffee and some pretty terrific sandwiches. Their Breakfast BLT is my favorite. Check them out if you are ever in town. This is made from plastic water and sports drink bottles, some chicken wire, paints, and a lot of creativity! I'd love to make one of these for my screen porch. Maybe next spring?
I've gotten myself into working with yarn again. On Annie's Attic I found the pattern for this vest, along with a boatload of other wonderful designs. This was $7.00 for a digital pattern. I'll let you know when it becomes 'something in progress' around here. Looking towards December or January. 

Kathy Shaw has started another workshop for the basics in crazy quilting. If you google her you can sign up for her next one. I've done plenty of embroidery, but never this much precision. I wasn't sure I'd like it, but I approached it with an open mind, and I'm loving it. She sets out all of the perameters in this basic class and really gives you in depth instruction. There are 12 tasks and I have finished 6 this month. It is not a 'finish', but it is RIGHT ON TIME.  PS-Kathy Shaw's workshops/classes are free! 

This is a completed top. I used Labyrinth, by Debbie Maddy. She visited the quilt guild and many of the members took her workshop. I wasn't able to make that one, but I purchased the pattern. When I got home that night, I went to her website, clicked thru for her Craftsy class, and got it at 50% off. I was pumped, as it includes patterns for 3 other quilts. I used the EQ7 to help me get this to look how I wanted it to, and for the size I needed. Listening to the Craftsy class helped me pick up on her  techniques. Well worth the investment. I did use my Accuquilt Go to do all of the half square triangles. It made this easy to cut. Then I put each piece up on the design wall to make sure I would get the optical illusion I wanted. I used some of my hand dyed fabrics and I've ordered specific thread for the quilting. The top is pieced, but I won't call this a finish, until the binding is on. Must be done in September. 

My Jamaican Carpenter's Wheel quilt for Mr. Ethan is ready for the binding. This is from the Debbie Maddy class on Craftsy. I had a few thread issues, but all is fixed. I was told that he favored Rasta colors. When I asked what Rasta colors where, I was told, 'red, yellow, green, and black like the Jamaican flag'. So I Pinterest searched for Jamaican colors, found a palette of 8 and went into my fabric on a search. I thought I was the only one that liked such bold colors, but I've got a 16 year old Grandson that likes them too. Yeah!! Another one for September. 

Yesterday, when I just could not get in the right frame of mind to sit and stitch, I decided to clean up the crumbs, snippets, etc from my basket of trimmings from Batiks and hand dyed cloth. I've always wanted to do a confetti quilt, so I decided to fill some jars with colors for that future project. Both of my trimmings baskets have been cleaned. Last week I did the basket with commercially printed fabrics. 

Here's the bag of giveaways, that goes to guild for others to enjoy. 

That's where I'm at today at 3pm. I may go to the sewing room and get that binding on, or I may just go take a nap!  I have found that blogging about my month, and using pictures, shows "me" that I've had another creative month. The name of my blog is, let's create today, not let's get it finished today. So with that in mind, I'm off on my next creative adventure. Luann

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Call and Response Challenge

Back in May, I handed to each member of Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild this little grouping of 'stuff'. 
Brown paper sandwich bag, cd, and pieces of fabric, yarns, threads, lace, and a section of a panty hose leg where the beginnings of our challenge. That was the 'Call' portion. Everyone was encouraged to be inspired and create. No other perameters were given. 
More will be coming in but these were the 'Responses' shared on Saturday. 
I know some members weren't up for this, but that's ok. It was meant to get some creative energy happening. 

Bev L. brought in her Dancing Diva, Freida Friday. She would receive the 'Best Last Minute Effort', because Bev told us it got done the night before! Way to 'rock on'!  

Next is Susan I., owner of Fabulon Studio. She takes the 'Early Bird' award. Her's was finished back by our June meeting! Obviously, she was inspired early on. 

Here is Angela's Flower Garden. She used everything but the bag and cd. The panty hose?, yep they are her stems. This one gets 'Best Incorporation of Materials into Another Piece of Artwork'. 

Kathy B., our President this year agreed with me that so many ideas kept running thru her head until she finally decided to just 'do' something. I think this is her rendition of those kitchen witches from the past. So her award is, 'Better Done Than Not'. Front and back. 

This next one from Sandy H. gets the 'Most Inspired' award. She didn't use any of the items that she was given. However, she told how the variety of them inspired her. To my best recollection she said: There were shiny and dull surfaces, thus her choice of yarns
The insertion type lace led her to make the open work area where the drawstring goes thru, and
The 'strings' gave her the direction for those drawstrings. There might have been more, but my memory only has so much space,,, oh, I think we can safely say the brown 'bag' is represented, too. 

Finally here are my two pieces. A little something for my sewing room wall. And the bookmark/note pad I used for keeping track of all those July finishes, etc. I get, 'Everything and the Kitchen Sink' , the only piece you can't see is the fabric strip and that was used on the backside of the bookmark to hold everything together. 

The 'Call and Response' challenge was something I read about on someone else's blog. I don't remember who, so if you read this and it was your blog, let me know and I'll put your info on this. 
I recall it was a Jazz term where one musician would play a 'rift' then another musician would respond with their 'rift', and on it would go. 
So, I hope this encourages some other creatives to put together 'goody bags' and challenge your friends to be creative. 
May God bless you with inner peace and joy. Luann

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Icey Delights on 8 Tshirts

I basically use the ice-dyeing techniques that Lynda Heines shared with us through her Icey Delights Online Class. You can find all of the information on her Bloom, Bake, and Create Blog. She shared how many specific colors looked when they split during this process.
I chose my own colors for some Tshirts for the grandkids. Each picture gives you a pretty good idea of the splitting, and the dyes that were used. 
I hope this helps those of you that had questions. 

If you are getting too much white, I suggest to massage your fabrics once all the ice has melted. This tends to move things thru all the layers. And if a few dots of dye annoy you, put your garment in with the front away from the ice. By the time it moves thru the fabric the dots are generally gone. 

Hope you're having as much fun as I am. Luann