Thursday, October 27, 2016

October Review

Considering my usual level of activity, and finishes (or at least progress made) this month is looking pretty dismal. Why? Well, I'll explain.
I returned from vacation on the 4th, to find out I needed to evacuate for Hurricane Matthew. They wanted people to go inland 100 miles from the South Carolina coast. Well, I didn't get back from that until October 9. 
George did the yard clean up, we only had minimal tree debris. He also helped in the neighborhood with some tree limbs that stopped folks from entering their house safely. 
I took care of getting all laundry caught up. Clean bedding, and a general zone up of house that sat for 18 days, some of those days were without power. We only lost two items from the refrigerator. We try to have nothing that will spoil in it when we go on vacation. I spent a bundle at the grocery store and just putting it all away seamed to be taking all my energy. I hadn't realized just how stressed, on the inside, I was about that hurricane. But, it's past now and I know what to do if another one comes- get myself outta here! lol
I had two clients, each with four quilt tops, that needed to have things quilted. Finally, a few pictures!
Betty's four:
And Paulette's four:
Here are images of the texture from the quilting. 
That circle meander by Nancy Haacke is fast becoming a favorite of mine. 

I did some quilting on this wallhanging/table topper. It needs more quilting. Then the binding, and a brown center is best for a sunflower!

It's Saturday the 29th and my focus is not on being creative at the moment. I'm going to give myself a 'break' by posting this now and that way I'll stop fretting over having no 'finished' items to show for the month. My kitchen windows are clean! That makes me happy to. I guess I generally don't look at getting seasonal cleaning done as a creative endeavor. I really should, considering how creatively I can get when I'm looking for reasons to not clean! Anybody else have 'creative focus' issues going on?

May God bless you with a unique idea this week, one that surprises you!  Luann


Terry said...

I wondered if you were in the path of that hurricane. Glad your place didn't suffer much from all the weather; but, that was a long time to be away! I too like that circle meander! I hear you about the finishes. I finished two things--one was a pillow case! Next month will be a little better and I'm sure that you will be rocking and rolling!

Lynda said...

Luann, You still accomplished a lot this month. Glad you made it through the hurricane without much damage. I sure can imagine how stressful that was. Hope November will be an uneventful but creative month. I, too, have been having some creative issues. Evaluating again what I am doing and deciding what direction I want to go in. It may be because of being under the weather for the past week (I don't do sick well) or that we are coming up to a new year which also makes me pause to rethink my path. Anyway, have a good rest of the month. I always enjoy seeing your reviews. Lynda

Luann Fischer said...

Thanks for your concern. Hurricane Matthew arrived too close to my returning from vacation. But, all is well in my neighborhood. Not so good for many others. I've put up a very short intention list for November in hopes that it will act as a catalyst for some progress to be made. I'm also toying with going back to blogging on a regular basis. It seemed that when I knew I was going to be 'checking in' I had more enthusiasm for staying focused. I read both of your blogs and I've gotten to feel like we have spent time together. Maybe one day we will all have a meetup. It would be such fun.
May God bless your upcoming month. Luann