Friday, November 4, 2016

First Finish for November

I got that first intention out of the way, with a day to spare. 

I'm calling this one done! I thought I wanted more quilting on it, but have decided to leave things alone. This was a paper pieced Impatiens, Judy Niemeyer pattern,  that I appliquéd onto an improvisationally pieced background.   

And here it is with a flower sitting on top for added interest. 

This was going to be my entry into a President's challenge with my quilt guild. We drew envelopes that contained three color chips. 80% of your finished piece was to be those colors. You could add up to 3 other colors. It had to be a minimum of 30" on each side. 
My color chips were represented by the yellows in the flower, mottled jade in the background, and the pale green in smallest inner border. I added brown and fuschia. I think I hit the 80% criteria. 
Then it was time to quilt and bind it. Something went wrong, very wrong! I have learned my lesson, I need to stabilize the quilt top to maintain the dimensions. It doesn't meet the minimum of 30" on each side. I could add something to make it larger, like giant rick-rack or prairie points. But, to tell the truth, I'm ready to be done with it. I really liked what I did, but it took so long that I've lost my enthusiasm for it. It is time to send it off into the world. Giving it away gives me the most pleasure anyway. 

Hope your projects get finished before they become boring. Luann


Terry said...

I know what you mean about stabilizing the edge. . .been there . . .more than once!!! (Actually, I've lost count!) Your piece looks terrific! Bummer about the size as it is fun to create pieces for a challenge. I agree about giving projects away. . .they get to live in a place and be loved and petted! I like the petals you quilted in around the center of your flower. Terrific job! Hugs! Terry

Luann Fischer said...


Thanks for the words of encouragement. I wanted those quilted petals to go all the way out to the edges of the pieced ones, but if I did them any bigger, some would have exceeded the area. Most programmed stitch patterns are not set up for a flower with 5 petals. This is when having good free motion skills comes in handy, or should I say, will come in handy-when my skills are better in that department? I have another Impatien flower pieced, so I might just try something more free motion on it,,,

Have a great weekend.