Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mid November Update

I have been working on these two projects this past week.

The first picture is of a child size quilt I'm working on. The top is pieced, backing is prepared, batting chosen, and all the pieces are hanging in the quilting room. I'm going to keep it simple and get it finished soon. Then I need to work on the quilt for the 'mommy'. 

Second picture above is of some of the beading I'm doing on my project for Kathy Shaw's Basic Crazy Quilting Class. I need to attach some lace, charms, and a personal touch before I can consider it done for the class assignment. Then I'll remove it from the stretcher bars and decide on how to finish it. 

I've also read Silk Fusion, watched the DVD regarding this method (2hrs), and unpackaged the tussah silk slivers I ordered. I can hardly wait to get started. 
And no, I'm not going to make myself wait until some elusive number of other projects get finished. Here's what those fibers look like, could you wait?

We also did a fair amount of fall cleaning around here these past few weeks. I'm ready to get back into my creative groove. Christmas is fast approaching and I'm getting into the spirit of the season. 

May God bless each of you with a heart filled with love for others. 

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