Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Final Review

Most important items have been shipped out today! Inside those two boxes are Christmas and December Birthday gifts. Below is the throw and pillow I got finished for Miss Molly's BDay. 
I had a real setback when I tried to piece a little quilt for her. The fabric I ordered to go with the pillow didn't have any foxes on it! 
I had cut and started to piece the top when I just knew I was not going to be happy with it. So I did some quick online looking, drove to Joann Fabrics, found the fleece throw kit and purchased it. When I got home I decided to trim the edges with a pinking rotary blade and leave it as one layer. She wanted it for wrapping up in when she's watching tv, and two layers would make her too warm. So, it was a quick finish. I now have these pieces to use in another project. 
I also took some time experimenting with Silk Fusion. I really enjoyed the process. Here are my first 3 pieces. I have to decide just how I will use each of them. I won't be using them in anything that would need to be laundered. I'm thinking prayer journal, art piece, hmmm. 
I decided to unravel my crocheted piece and wind the yarn into balls for future use. 
And the child size quilt top is waiting for quilting. 
All the other possibilities, well, not finished but progressing. 

Today my kitchen is being measured for updating. Hope to have that finished by mid January. 
We may have some company between Christmas and New Years. This is something that I would truly enjoy. I never have enough time with my loved ones. 

I first thought, 'gosh, I don't have much to blog about this month'. Then I realized how busy I've been with family events, concerts, meetings, get-togethers, gift shopping, wrapping and then shipping everything out. 

It 'was' a productive month. 

Almost forgot this one that I finished and gifted to Bob and Donna. 

May God bless you all with a Christmas Season filled with wonderful memories. 


Terry said...

Luann, great call about changing up the project when your ordered fabric was sans foxes! What you made was terrific. Will your kitchen be "in process" during the holidays? We did an update about five years ago now and we can't believe what a difference the update made in how much more we use our space. Great job staying focused. Those silk pieces are beautiful!--Terry

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colours in your silk paper Luann. They make great book covers when strengthened with some FME. They may fluff a bit if you don't use lots of medium though. A way out can be to cover with some fine net that blends in and FME over.

Luann Fischer said...

All measurements were taken and drawings done yesterday. I doubt things will be ready before the first of the year, but I will be prepared for the install, whenever the call comes in.
Sure wish we weren't on opposite sides of the country, you could come to a January workshop I'm in charge of. We're going to have a blast.
By the way, I've been reading your blog posts and enjoying them as usual. I haven't been commenting as much lately. I think I need to get back into the swing of it. Soon,

Luann Fischer said...

I used Jo Sonja's textile medium and I don't have any feathering. Even the little wisps that I laid over the lace motifs are very secure. Also, it isn't sticky. A local friend had that situation and asked about it. I wish the supplies weren't so expensive, it would make such unique exchange pieces.
And it would be fun to have a workshop with all the Stitchin Fingers group, but considering we were/are around the world, not in most budgets. I need to go check our site and see if someone has stepped forward and taken on the work and cost of it.