Monday, December 12, 2016

Creative Growth 2016

This post is all about the new or dormant avenues of creativity I have pursued this year. 

I've been doing the worksheets for Design Your Destiny 2017. This is a four week set of worksheets from Kim at Sublime Reflections. During the first week, we were encouraged to take a thorough look back over 2016. One topic was to list all of the accomplishments. While looking over my list, I was struck with how much I've grown as a Creative Individual. Not so much the volume of finished items, there were plenty, but the opportunities to grow creatively that I had pursued. 

1-One Block Wonder, tumbling blocks, and machine appliquéing of hexies when a slashed section needed to be addressed. 

2-Improvisationally piecing. First quilt had a miss-cut block. Second image is the backing that almost became a front, I liked it so much. Third is getting a background that would work for the Impatien, then appliquéing it down. 
3-Block of the month quilts. I think monthly tasks would have more appeal if my creative time was more limited. The best way for me is to collect all the steps, read everything, do my own cutting guide, and proceed from there. I enjoyed it more that way. These were the two I finished out this year. 
4-General sewing for the grands, making cushion covers, totes, etc. I used new types of fabrics and stabilizers in these projects. I don't think I'll sew with glitter fabric again. Too much cleaning afterwards!
5-Designing the layout for the Tumbling Around The Garden quilt, when I couldn't get all pieces up on my design wall. And learning to use the Accuquilt Go cutter for all the leftovers of a project. 
6-Using Ice with mixed Procion MX dyes for the results you can get from the splitting action. Shibori under ice produced amazing results. 
7-Knitting, Crocheting, Weaving, Twined rug, and Twisted Fabric coasters. I rarely pick up my hooks or needles and I forget how much I enjoy using them. Some of the projects that I started are already unraveled, others are waiting for finishing. And the handbook and loom for the twined rug were given away. I enjoyed making it, but I know it will only sit and make me feel guilty that I'm not doing more of them. 
8-I tried utilizing my longarm quilting machine for sewing. Some results were better than others. I prefer a conventional method for piecing things. I liked how the dresser scarf turned out. 

9-Fabric book pages were finally made into that elusive book!
10-Precision paper piecing was added to my tool belt when I took a workshop that not only taught me Judy Niemeyer's technique but more importantly a lesson about getting rid of the clutter in my work environment. I couldn't believe how effective it was in keeping me focused. 

11-Call and Response Challenge stretched my artsy side, as did my attempt at a fused improv piece.

12-Experimented with designing: color progression on the Jamaican Me Crazy quilt, illusion of movement on the Schulta quilt. 
13-Silk Fusion has really gotten my attention. Here are the first three pieces. 
14-Crazy quilting with Kathy Shaw's method stretched me to follow someone else's plan! Not an easy thing, but so worth it. Not completed as of this post. 

My take-away from this little exercise:
I continue to be open to learning. 
I'm ok with unraveling, or cutting something up, for using in a different project. 
Projects have their own life span, some are finished sooner than others. And this doesn't seem to have anything to do with complexity. 
I get enjoyment out of planning, documenting, reviewing, and blogging about it. 
Hope you enjoyed reading it. 

May God bless you with peace and love. May the Christmas Season live in your heart every day of the rest of your life, here and forever. 

PS-all those December Intentions are well underway, yeah!
Love you all-Luann



Terry said...

So true that projects have their own life span! My what a journey you have had this year. It is as if you've traveled around the world . . .TWICE! Thanks for the review. Next year is going to be even better!

Janice Smith said...

What a wonderful variety of pieces. I, too, enjoy trying a little bit of everything. I'm still trying to determine what I will do with my silk fusion attempts, so I'll be interested in seeing what you do with yours.

Luann Fischer said...

Terry and Janice,
I must admit, sometimes I wish I was more tunnel-visioned, but then I'd not really be "me" then.
I'm looking forward to a remarkable new year, full of new adventures, and revisiting previous ones. I think that's called growth. Why would it be anything else?
Looking forward to what you both share with us during this awesome upcoming year.

Lynda said...

Luann, I continue to be amazed at all you accomplish. I love this post - seeing all of the different art you create. Looking back over the year and seeing what we have done is so important to our creative or whatever growth we are working toward. I so often feel like I don't accomplish or have grown much. But when I look back I'm amazed. Thanks for the info on Design Your Destiny class. I'm late to the party, but will work through it. Oh, I googled silk fusion and am interested in knowing more. I've seen artists use silk roving, but I'm wondering about using silk hankies. Anyway, thanks again for all of your inspiration this year. Merry Christmas my friend. May 2017 be the best ever.

Luann Fischer said...

I'm working on learning everything I can about Silk Fusion. I'm looking at developing a 2 day make-it take-it workshop. My "dream" is to travel less than one day, give the workshop over the next two days, travel less than another day, do the workshop again, and then be in the Midwest by my grandkids. Then do the travel back home the same way. Ok, now you know one of my upcoming goals,,, Maybe your group would like to do this? I have my first mini-workshop scheduled for January 13th. This one is just to make the silk fusion, second day would be to use what's been made in an easy project. And I have a piece to the side for making your card carrying case as a Christmas gift.
They do beautiful things with the hankies. I purchased some in red/pink tones and another group in blue/greens, and some for dyeing up myself. No surprise there.
Thanks for stopping by, have a Merry Christmas to you and Dave.
Luann, a friend from not too far away.

Win Dinn said...

What an amazing post, Luann - it's a visual feast! Thanks for stopping by to comment on my blog; I'll be watching you! :D

Monica said...

Very inspiring, Luann. It's fascinating to see what you have done over the year - and I agree with all your conclusions.

Luann Fischer said...

Thanks ladies for the encouragement.

2016 Final Review is in the draft stage,,