Monday, January 16, 2017

Giving Up or Letting Go, Item #1 and My Super Powers

Started on 1/16/17
This post is totally a personal journey entry. If you have stumbled upon it, you're welcome to read it and I can only hope that if you are going thru something similar it will resonate and be a blessing. And as always, you can comment or email me personally if you prefer. 

Giving up or letting go? Now, there's a question that will really get a person thinking on a deeper level. At least for me it sure has. Kim from Sublime Reflections offered a 4-week process for setting goals, Design Your Destiny 2017. I signed up and was encouraged every week by her emails. 

Early in the course, I wrote her stating that I was 'leaving behind' some of my half-done creative projects. She responded and encouraged me to dig deep as to the WHY behind this decision. She told me to ask 'why?' 5 times, each time I'd be digging a bit deeper into what was really my underlying reasons for not continuing. I knew she wasn't saying I shouldn't stop, but that it would be in my best interest to get to the root of my decisions. This wasn't as easy as it appeared.  Every 'why?' produced a new rabbit hole to navigate. 

Where do I start? I want this to be coherent, but the whole process tends to ebb and flow like the tide. I'll do my best to make sense, but like I said at the beginning, this post is meant more for me to get some clarification, than to keep anyone reading. I'll take that first 'unfinished project' that made me want to toss it. Here's a picture of where it has been since April 2016. 
I call this Koi Pond, for absolutely no good reason! It started with a piece of my hand dyed fabric for a background. I then looked for my bag of scraps that had been fused about 3 years prior! Ok, so I was trying to use leftovers that should have been tossed. These were so stiff that I knew right up front that I'd never stitch on it. If I tried, I'd probably break my needle on the second stitch. Why I kept going, I'm not sure. It's the old attitude of 'you start it, you finish it!'  This is hogwash. All of the fused fabric scraps need to hit the trash bucket along with the piece, as is! So, here I am 10 months later with it still in my UFOS. Why do I want to trash it? The fusible is unsuitable for the application. Why? It is too stiff to stitch thru. That's 2 whys? and I should have been able to toss it. But I couldn't, so I asked another why?, and that's where the digging began. I couldn't toss it because, I should be able to use one of my super powers, salvage it, and have a masterpiece to boot! Talk about thinking I can do "anything"! Where was I to go next with this? If a friend had given this to me in an 'ugly UFO' swap what would I do with it? So there I was back to thinking I had some 'super power' that could do miracles! It is time to get off this crazy merry go round! My SUPER POWER is taking over, I will put it in the trash and learn from this experience. I think I will take a final picture of it and give it a new name, Fusible Lesson One. And the lightbulb went off,,,,
On second thought, I'm not trashing it totally. I'm going to cut a 'page' from it for my Techniques Tried and Lessons Learned Book. This is a 3-ring binder for items such as this! Yeah, my super powers have come thru for me after all. It's not a completely discarded piece, there's a use for it after all. Kim is going to be so proud of my 'why' response. 

So, in working thru this in writing, here on my blog, I've discovered a solution I am comfortable with. 

Today is February 25, a little over a month has passed since I wrote this post. I've not dug that piece out, but after writing the post it has had absolutely no power over me! I'll get to it in due time. By the way, just when is 'due time'?

Have a wonderfully creative day. 


Lynda said...

Luann, This post just reminded me of one of my many UFOs that have been stuff away in the studio. What a great exercise. I have a hard time with completion or the fear of finishing it wrong. If I don't finish it, it's still an okay piece! Pretty twisted logic huh? Now you've got me thinking about taking it and a few others, dusting them off, and asking myself why they are finished besides the obvious fear of not completing right! Thanks for the inspiration! Looking forward to seeing if you do anything with this piece.

Luann Fischer said...

I may call my 3ring binder, My Creative Journal. It would be a great place to put those pieces that I know I don't want to go any further with. If I use a page protector, I could resurrect anything that started calling out to me.
PS in publishing this post it went to the original date I started writing it, I didn't realize it would do that. So, today, I've learned another tidbit about blogging just because you left a comment. Thanks for being an instrument of knowledge.

Terry said...

I like the process you went through and decisions you made with this piece and how you salvaged a part of it. Perhaps, a part would make a book cover? Thanks for sharing your journey with us. As for what is "in due time". . . it could be tomorrow, next week or next month. . .it is the time when you finish your thought!

Luann Fischer said...

I think you may have solved 2 dilemmas I've had.
1- how to utilize this piece
2- what to use as back portion of the cover for my 3ring binder
I want the front to be my crazy quilted piece. The back should have a story also and needs to be interesting yet durable, as it will get the most wear 'n tear.
It's interesting that when you bring something out into the light you start to see it differently.
My blog friends have been so very helpful. I am truly blessed. I may not have a lot of followers, but I've got the best

Blessings on your day,