Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Headway During January

Two baby 'long leaf pine' trees I see when I go to town. I've been watching them for 3 1/2 years now. 

During January 'headway' was my focus word. Many projects saw significant headway, with several being completed. And, as usual, 5 more were added to the original list of 10 intentions. 

As of 4:30pm, today, this is how my month went. 

1- Kitchen Upgrade. The upgrade is completed, all that's left is a few tweaks and decorating. 

2- We changed out our Livingroom seating pieces, brightening the room and giving us more seating. 

3- I held a silk fusion workshop on January 6th. We made flat and dimensional pieces. 

4- I spent time trying to save the Mermaid Sweater, but in the end it became a scarf, with extra yarn. 

5- My Crazy Quilt project went through several stitch 'n rip moments before it reached this spot. 

6- I free motion quilted a crib quilt, then turned the backing to the front for its binding. Time saver!!

7- Red Impatien flower. This is the only item on my list that just freezes me in my tracks! No progress. 

8- Sort and organize projects, by month.  This was a good idea, and keeps the clutter down. 

9- Declutter and organize my house. Re-evaluate my activities. This is going well. 

10- Prepare for Beach Retreat with my guild. Situations arose and I did not attend. 

The add ons:

11- Rip and roll bandages for medical missions. First batch was finished and returned. More to go. 

12- Silk Fusion mosaic piece. This came about from the 1/6 workshop. Next step is quilting. 

13- I presented a program about sericulture (silk cultivation) on January 17. It was well received. 

14- We participated in a silk scarf dyeing class. We used a special tissue paper, vinegar/water, and ironing to set the colors. A few days later I decided to heat set once more and then do a cool rinse. I noticed some traces of dye, so I did the 12 hour soak that is my usual, and most of the color was lost. So, I just got out my ProcionMX powders, some ice and "over dyed". I liked them so much that I added project #15, further down. 

15- Dye four more silk scarves for gift giving. They're drying on the porch as I write this. 

So, where does this leave me?
January (1st) intentions 10 + 5 added during the month = 15
End of month report. 
Ongoing projects (9&11) = 2 
Completed (1,2,3,4,6,8,13,14&15) = 9
Items dropped = 1
Progress (5&12) = 2
Projects that rec'd no attention, yet  (#7) = 1 

All in all, a good month. Moving the Red Impatien along, and finishing my Crazy Quilt and Silk Fusion mosaic pieces are at the top of February's intentions. Along with bandage making, and decluttering. 
The rest of the February list numbers close to twenty! And with fewer days, I'd better stay focused and work at NOT adding more to a very full plan. 

I have the rest of today and all day tomorrow before February actually starts. I know me, posting this now takes the anxiety away for trying to get one more thing finished. If I do anything I would like to 'thaw out' and work on the Red Impatien. 

Do you have any project like that? One that you've gotten it just so far, and you froze? I imagine we all hit these spots now and again. How did you get yourself beyond the stopping spot? Your comments on this would be greatly appreciated. But whether you comment or not, I'm grateful that you've taken time to visit. I sincerely want to say, thank you. 


Terry said...

Oh, I have a number of projects like that!!! I've tried putting them away, getting them out again. I've tried adding a new technique. What I'm finding that is most helpful for me is to start with a more complete plan. I tend to just start which is freeing on some levels; but, not when issues arise! I've also started asking myself questions like what do I like about it; what will I do with it, what is it that bothers me and sometimes that helps. . .in other words, I haven't come up with just ONE answer to that "stuck" issue! Best wishes with overcoming yours with the red impatient project! Have faith; it will come together!

carlseapatch said...

Great work on the January list. I too have some projects that I am 'stuck' on, sometimes they go through a couple of re-incarnations before they are finished. When I dye with silk dyes I usually have to steam to set the colour?

Luann Fischer said...

Terry and JoAnne,
The biggest stumbling block is liking it at the present stage, and not being willing to 'mess it up'. I just need to add the center circle, stabilize it, layer it up, and push the foot feed. That sure sounds easy, doesn't it? Perhaps, one February day, it will be the only thing I want to do.
I do have a few projects that really were just attempts at a new technique that I think I should turn into something specific. Who sends me the 'you outta' message? Myself. Sometimes I amaze myself with just how absurd I can be. LOL
Thanks for your input. Maybe we could, notice I didn't say should?, blog about the "frozen" project (s) we all have had, or still do have. lol
And as you both know, without some interaction I might start posting pictures of my feet or the carpet,,,,
Have a great day.