Saturday, January 14, 2017

Mid January progress report

I'm happy to report that I am making 'HEADWAY' on my intentions for this month. 

1- The kitchen countertops and sink have been installed. The new faucet is working, but we will be waiting for 70 days for the part that makes it function hands-free to be swapped out. 🤔

This was an easy choice for us. We both liked it the moment we saw it. 

I've been pulling together the pieces I want for above the cabinets. Here's a picture of the fall colors I had there, and then the new 'beachy' look I'm going towards. I have only gotten one section done. I may need to shop for the other side of my kitchen. 

The kitchen is well on its way.  I'm counting this one as done. 

2- Changing out of Livingroom furniture. Done. 
3- Hosting the Silk Fusion workshop. Done. 

4,5,6, and 7 have gotten no attention. This is fine, as I've been working on 8&9. 

8- Sort and organize projects by months for the upcoming year. This has been completed. I also sorted thru magazines and put them into an appropriate month. I used two smaller carry/totes and used the 'boxes' for #9. 

9- Declutter and organize stuff and involvements. Well, I can't file away involvements into a box, but as I backed out of some activities I started filling boxes with the 'stuff' that I no longer need to keep. I have delivered 3 boxes to charities. 4 are started and designated for specific people or places. It's amazing how freeing it is to give away the clutter of one's life. 

10- Beach Retreat has been put on hold until I hear back from those in charge. 

So, as of today my 10 Intentions are: 4 completed, 1 in progress, 1 on hold, and 4 needing attention. 
Not bad for halfway thru the month. And as usual, I've added a little something. 

I am ripping sheets into strips and then rolling them into bandages for Betty's Bandages. 
I have 60 rolls in my box. I will deliver them tomorrow and bring home more sheets. 

We went to the beach yesterday. 

May God bless you abundantly. 


Terry said...

What a wonderful mid month report! I like your "beachy" decorations in your kitchen. You've come through that remodel well! Best wishes on the organization you are planning. I've a stack of magazines to declutter which is where I chose to begin!

Luann Fischer said...

Thanks Terry,
It's always been hard for me to settle on one word, or phrase, to decorate around. Eclectic is more my style than anything else! Maybe a new phrase should be considered - CREATIVE ECLECTICISM. Yep, that'll definitely explain it. lol
Have a wonderful week.