Monday, July 31, 2017

End of July

The past 10 days were spent being 'tourists' in our own area. Here is the 'crew' en route to Fort Sumter. 
And the girls enjoying the ocean breeze. 
And one must try She Crab soup. Then if you like it, you try to get some of everyone's!  
The big sister had her own bowl, it's a favorite of hers. 
Lots of time at the beach, but then an overcast day gave us the opportunity to show them the Angel Oak tree. It's a live oak, the Angel portion of its name comes from the Angel family that owned the property it has lived on for several hundreds of years. 
They were learning about taking good pictures. 
While they were here they chose fabrics and used the longarm quilting machine to make placemats and mug rugs. I just need to get the binding done before sending them off. 
It was sad to see them leave for home, but we're already planning our next time together. 

And I got busy and finished the bindings on these two quilts. 

My sewing room looked like this at the beginning of today. 

And like this at the end. 
They brought along 12 quilts for Evergreen Quilters Guild Soldier Quilt Project. I'm an 'away' member. I'll supply the batting and backing for these, quilt them up on the long arm machine, trim, and return them on my next visit. (Or ship them, if I get them done quickly). This is the stack. 

Well that wraps up another month, and several projects finished. 
Nice to have some things done, but I'll opt for time with loved ones any day. Luann 


Terry said...

Impressive quilting that your grands completed and what fun they had with the photography! What a wonderful July you had. Kudos to you for quilting those extra special quilts.

Luann Fischer said...

My granddaughters only get a few hours alone with us each time they come. It is so hard to decide between showing them interesting sites or doing interesting things. This time we felt like we made home runs on both fronts. Those strip pieced quilts used up ALL of my 1 1/2" strips but one, and the majority of my 2 1/2" strips. Now I only have a small drawer of 2" and 3+" strips to go. And the quilts for Soldiers is so near and dear to my heart that I ordered some beautiful flag fabric from Missouri Star Quilt Co. for backing.
I've been looking for the pattern for your rooster quilt. Found it, but with only wanting to make one, I'm going to see what I can find at the library in a book. Maybe I'll actually get 'artistic' with it. If I had more patience I'd probably take on making one similar to yours, but I'm pretty sure it would be unfinished for forever. That being said, I want to do at least one appliqué 'something' , just to prove that I can. That's one technique that I haven't invested any time learning, much less getting good at it. Someday,,,,
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