Saturday, March 2, 2019

February Activities

Before and after composite picture.

I can’t believe how 'huge' the impact of this has been on the feel of our living room. I’m glad we finally got to it, along with a bathroom remodel and a batch of electrical upgrades. I just had to show that picture first.

You may remember that back in January I took on the role of BOM Coordinator for my local quilt guild. Most folks really enjoy getting to see what the intended project will look like when finished. With that in mind, I put the pedal to the metal and got this done before the February 13th meeting.

I bought the book Stripology Mixology back in December. I’ve finished my Two Timer B quilt using portions of 3 charm packs and a boatload of solid squares.  My Stella was made with large squares of Christmas fabrics (I may have already shown you Stella).

Last fall my DIL talked to me about a special quilt for one of the grandkids. Turning 16 and she knew I’d started working on making sure each child has a 'significant to them' quilt. With all of her ideas and a lot of searching the internet, not to mention more time than usual, lol, it is finished and waiting to be delivered.

I finally finished the quilt that had components from two separate mystery quilt projects. These are various stages along the way of The Camp On Ringo Lake.

The stitch counter on the longarm machine recorded over 1,000,000 stitches since January 1st. No doubt that was due to quilting up 16 quilts for my guild's Charity Projects. I missed getting a picture of one of the quilts, but I have it listed in my Fusion record.

Here in South Carolina the weather is turning into the Spring Edition!

Children learn to dress for the weather.

While family dug out from beneath the snow.

Monday, February 4, 2019

January - Missed Items

Heather sent this awe inspiring picture to me from a recent snowfall. I love the fact that I have family that can see the beauty within the storm, or sometimes just after it.

Some paint samples to decide on where and what colors I will redo that fireplace and mantle with. George has already gotten the mantle (a very darkly stained wood) covered with two coats of Kilz. That was an amazing change in the dynamics of the room already. I’m leaning towards a ‘shades of creamy’ for the bricks and that very light aqua for the mantle. Time will tell on that decision. The light fixture, I kept it off for the picture because I could get my phone to adjust (lol) is the new one over my dining room table. The last image is ‘the truck of goodness’ that delivered much of the necessities for the remodeling that’s underway.

And the demolish of the house continued with removing everything from within the walls of the second floor bathroom along with the hallway carpet. That carpet had riffles in it when we moved here over 5 years ago, we’re finally ready to have it gone and a nice smooth, easy to clean, surface in this hallway. 

During this month I finished the longarm quilting of 5 quilts for Royal Family Kids Camp, processed a trunk load of fabrics from one charity group to several others, prayed a lot for everyone in the Polar Vortex areas, and had my first try at shooting a handgun. I’ve not been interested in the past, but accepted an offer by the hubby to go to the indoor range and ‘see what you can do’. He was pleasantly surprised with what I did, for me,,,, I was ecstatic! ! !  I’m thinking of framing it??? LOL

Sunday, February 3, 2019

January-Very Productive

The top two images are of a couple of the quilts being made for the Doors To Freedom house in our area. Barb T. brought these 2 beautiful tops to me. And the bottom to images are quilts that are specially made for family members. The one on the left is called Stella, a pattern by Gudrun of  It will be for our table at Christmas time, unless I am moved to give it to someone else before then. And the one on the left is a bookcase looking quilt for someone very special. The empty shelf will have some special additions that are significant to the person. I can’t say more than that at the moment, that person just might be reading this. 

Three of the twelve blocks for the Block of the Month program were completed. Each month has something interesting to process through. I’m leading this program for my local quilt guild this year. I’m doing a color sequence and I’ve encouraged others to choose their own direction with this. A few of them have posted their pictures on our facebook page and some are doing theirs in batiks. I like that idea and I may make another one to use up more of my ‘left overs’ for another charity quilt.

These are some thread sets and stencils for Crazy Quilting. I purchased them from Sharon Boggan. She lives in Australia and I wondered how long it might take them to make it through customs. I was pleasantly surprised when I found them in my mail box in less than 2 weeks. And those twists of various threads, textures, colors, etc sure do make my heart sing.

These were some of my highlights this month. I received a beautiful dip pen, ink and ink well in my  Boho Berry Box from Kara Benz. Daily Guidposts had 2 items that will be within reaching distance whenever I have moments to sit and enjoy the Lord’s Words. And a snapshot of my lifetime stitches on my longarm quilting machine. I record each project’s stitch count. I was happy to find out that my machine keeps a tally of the lifetime stitches. 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Keep Your Pants On ! !

Recently I was told (by a loved one) Just keep your pants on!!! It was about buying some boots that had dragonflies and owls painted on them. Really, I want to be a Hippie and maybe those would do it, right? LOL So, getting the laughing part out of the way,,,,

WHAT WAS I THINKING??? When I agreed, no, actually, I VOLUNTEERED, not even asked directly, just saw that the position needed filling.... Block of the Month Coordinator for 2019 for the Cobblestone Quilt Guild. Last Monday I met with the President. We discussed doing it in a ‘virtual method’. In the past they would cut kits, print out directions, and after signing up and paying in advance, each month you rec’d your block. That’s a lot of work if you have to write directions, or request copyright ok’s. As we chatted, it was decided, we’ll send out a link to a ‘block on the web’, give color suggestions, and encourage the use of one’s own stash of fabric. I’ve gotten this underway and here is January and February blocks. 12” finished is what we are going for. My January is shy by 1/16th of an inch and February got the same amount trimmed. Scant 1/4” isn’t my best friend,, Lots of laughter going on in my sewing room.



I’ll keep you posted as this progresses. If any of you want to follow along, let me know. I can always include the link to the directions if you need them.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Community Outreach Quilts

These are the 5 quilt sets I quilted on my longarm machine this week and returned to the Coordinator for Cobblestone Quilters Community Outreach Project. The second picture is of the back sides. I always fold them like this for transporting to keep the tops clean. The rest of the pictures I included are snaps of each quilt while it was on the longarm machine. I’ve gone over 7,500,000 lifetime stitches on my longarm.