Thursday, August 13, 2015

An Art Quilt, Rita's

Here are a some pictures taken last week on our early morning trip to the beach. 

I can feel an art quilt coming on.  I could do an abstract one. I haven't done this  but would enjoy the adventure. 

What draws your eye the most? Is it a color, a texture, a specific spot in one of the three images?

Please leave a comment, each one gets you a spot in the drawing at the end of the month. 

Drawing items:
Hand dyed shibori piece
Hand dyed multi-color piece
Hand dyed trims
 Some teaser images,

Hope all is going well in your day,
Remember to leave a comment for additional entries into the drawing,


Anonymous said...

What are the pieces hanging down Luann I feel I should recognise them. The colours are so exciting. Is the wood painted rust and blue or is that how it's weathered. Either way you really ought to make an art quilt

Lynda said...

Luann, The rusty texture really draws me in. Love all of your pieces. I,too, want to know what those last pieces hanging down are.

Luann Fischer said...

Hi there Wendy and Lynda,

You both asked about the third picture. It is a close up of a portion of the siding. The "siding" appeared to be painted metal, like a galvanized metal, but where the paint came off there was rust like appearance. The texture is so interesting. There's a barn in Michigan that I want to get a picture of. It's red wood on the sides and the metal roof has rusted to many shades of orange. I'll post it, once I get the picture.

It is on the side of the restaurant, on Folly Island. This island sells copious amounts of tie dyed clothing, love beads, etc etc etc. The music that you hear coming from the businesses is from 'back in the day' of the 'flower children, beatniks, and hippies'. It's like stepping back in time and believe me, it's a place that you just chill out and relax. It's very popular with ALL age groups. You can go into any restaurant with your swimsuit on, they just ask ladies to wear a cover up and guys to cover their chests. Most of them have open air dining and a covering shade so the Pelicans and gulls don't give you anything unexpected.

Maybe we could do a challenge with using a picture of something rusted to create an art quilt. What do you think?

Glad you both stopped by.
Have a blessed day,

Rayna said...

For me, Luann, it's the texture of that siding. I'm a sucker for texture -- and for the lines. Can't wait to see what you do with all of these inspirations!

Luann Fischer said...

I've always enjoyed looking at your creations. Thanks for stopping by

Dorothy said...

I like the texture on the siding as well :) I would love to visit there some day!

Luann Fischer said...

I wish everyone could visit my new neighborhood! Even though I like it here, I miss my family back in the Midwest. Ah, but come this fall, I'm going for a visit and a whole lot of hugs!!

Dorothy and everyone else!!

If you ever get the hankering to come this way, let me know and we'll see some sights together.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on your dyed cloth Luann.
My eye is drawn to the rust contrast- the colour and texture

Luann Fischer said...

So glad you had time to stop by. It's funny how once you take notice of a certain element you start to see it everywhere. The other day on our way up to Murell's Inlet, I was continually pointing out 'rusty' rooftops. In South Carolina a lot of houses have metal roofs. The sun really deteriorates any paint that was originally used. The newer products are probably powder coated and that holds up much longer. I was noticing all of these older buildings with weathered siding and rusty roofs. The most interesting one was a dull sage green with raw silver color showing thru and rust streaks. My hubby was driving and we were limited for time, so we didn't stop to take pictures. He's an avid photographer and I know that if I suggest a 'road trip' for getting these specific pics he'll be glad to accommodate. Perhaps by the first of September I can do just that,, oh I think I've just added #12 to my 'intentions list'.

May God bless your family with pleasant times together,

PS Is your daughter still with the circus? Have you gotten to see her lately?

Monica said...

The Rita ad caught my eye in the first photo, the strong verticals in the second and the rust patch in the third. I love rust - it usually contains fabulous subtle colour variations plus strong texture.

Luann Fischer said...

So glad you had time to browse thru some posts. Have you ever heard about chromatic vision? Only women can have it, there's like only 12 certified people in the world. They see 1000s of more colors than us average folks do. One lady has been painting what she sees and it got me to 'looking deeper' at things. I'll look for a website or Pinterest board and post some links in the future as inspiration for all of us.
Thanks for the comment,

Gill said...

I wish I lived by the sea but instead I live by a river!! definitely not as nice!
I love rust and I've tried rust dyeing some fabrics - I want to rust dye paper next!

Luann Fischer said...

Be cautious when rust dyeing anything. Keep your skin covered, arms as well as hands. Our bodies can actually absorb certain compounds directly thru our skin!
I love the look of rusted marks on cloth and paper. One of my future goals is to produce some pieces that mimick 'rusted' without the possible contaminants of real rust.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment,
Have a pleasant day.